Catnip’s training log – 6.5.16

I had to wear my Salty shirt to yoga!
I just had to wear my Salty shirt to yoga! Ha!

It’s amazing to me that I was knocking out 70+ mile weeks so recently yet I barely topped 40 this week – and I’m tired. I finished off the week with a disappointing 10k with a couple miles only slightly faster than marathon pace. Ugh! It’s time to get organized, bump up the miles, and schedule some fun races for motivation.

Monday: Memorial Day meant a day off work. Considered a 5k and took JB over to run the kids race and he had so much fun running around the track I decided we’d just keep playing for a while. At one point he ran a full 800 straight, smiling the whole time! Once he got tired, I threw him in the stroller for 3.3 miles @ 8:24 average. Ran another 4.3 @ 8:27 in the afternoon followed by super hot yoga.

Tuesday: 6.5 miles @ 8:00 average with 6x strides.

Wednesday: On the treadmill for 7 miles @ 6:49 average including 35 minutes tempo (two short bathroom breaks) averaging 6:23 pace.

Thursday: 7.5 miles @ 8:20

Friday: 4 miles @ 8:21 average. Barely squeezed this one in – wanted another 7ish mile day but went to bed early instead.

Saturday: 4 miles with a friend!

Sunday: 9.2 miles including Columbus 10k in 39:20. OUCH! I’ve run significantly faster at this race when I was pregnant and then 4 months postpartum. This result is a combination of poor pacing, lack of mental toughness, and just not being very fit night now. However, it’s funny to look back how excited I was to run pretty much the same time in 2009. I’m okay with being dissatisfied as a symptom of progress.

total = 45.8 miles

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