Catnip’s training log – 12/13/15

Taking a long walk with my favorite 30 lb weight.
Taking a long walk with my favorite 30 lb weight.

Unlike many runners, I don’t feel too antsy during my time off from running. I really enjoy the change of pace (groan) of my day and having more time to relax, read, and catch up on household tasks. The only negative is that after the first week off I usually begin to have some trouble sleeping.

One big thing that happened this week was the announcement of the relaxed Olympic Trials marathon standard to 2:45. Back in 2011, I missed the standard first on a hot day in Chicago then again on my mulligan marathon in Indianapolis 27 days later. At the time and even now looking back objectively on my 2011 running log, I feel confident I was in 2:43-2:45 shape. I’m sad that I missed the opportunityย for 2016, but the news re-lit the fire in me — and in my old training partners!! — to take a shot when the 2020 qualifying window opens.

Onto the weekly workouts:

Monday: An hour of hot vinyasa, not too hard.

Tuesday: No exercise.

Wednesday: Mini & Me Yoga – minimal workout

Thursday:ย No exercise

Friday: An hour of super hot vinyasa! Going to try to make this class weekly during training.

Saturday: 2.5 mile brisk walk with a 30 lb baby on my back. My hips were sore the next day!

Sunday: Day 1 of Project OTQ. 3.5 miles on the treadmill at 8:50 average pace. Then 5 minutes walking at 8% incline. Didn’t feel out of shape at all, except for super itchy legs! Does anyone else get terrible itchiness after a break?!

I'm a 20-year veteran of competitive running, USATF certified coach, mom of a toddler -- and still trying to set PRs. I write about training from 5k to marathon, motherhood and competitive running, and the elite side of the sport. The 5k is my favorite race (16:56 PR) but I've got a score to settle with the marathon.

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