Cardamom’s Training Log – 9.27.15

Tuesday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (2 miles easy, 3 miles @7:45, 1 mile easy)

I did this on a treadmill at 7:23 pace. I ran an easy 1/2 to warm up, did the 3 mile tempo, and then walked home to cool down.

Friday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (5 X 1000 m @4:23)

Ran .62 miles interval at 4:08, 4:08, 4:09, 4:09, & 4:13 on the treadmill. Got tired toward the end, so I decreased the speed on the treadmill a little.

Tapering like a Champ!

Sunday – Key Run #3 Long Run (10 miles @8:38)

Last long run! I ran Beat the Blerch Half Marathon in Morristown. It was so much fun! It was a trail half and given that I ran last week’s half hard, I planned on running this easy. The course was mismarked, so it ended being only 11.8 miles according to Garmin. I finished it in 2:19:58. Because I was doing this as a fun run, I took it easy and goofed off in a way that I don’t usually get to do when I’m running for time. I took photos, ate Nutella sandwiches and cake at aid stations, and sat on couches to relax. Totally missed the pace, but I knew I would and I don’t care. This was simply about completing the distance and having F-U-N!!!!

This is the LAST week until Wineglass! Eep!

I'm an academic, a runner, and a New York cliché. I write about the science of exercise, training, and the culture of running. My current goals are a sub-23:00 5K (achieved on 4/22/17 with 22:48) and a sub-1:45 HM (achieved on 10/1/17). Now what?

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  1. I haven’t followed your training in detail but know that you are doing the less/fast theory of training. Out of curiosity, what do you do on the days you don’t do speedwork and your long run? Also, I think I read that it’s your first full. How did you decide on a goal for race in order to know what pace to train for your 3 workouts a week? Just curious!

    1. Run Less, Run Faster actually has cross-training plans for you to do on the non-running days (cycling, rowing, or swimming). I haven’t been doing those because I hate cycling and swimming with the passionate heat of a thousand suns. I had intended to do more yoga and weightlifting as cross-training, but I haven’t because 1) got a little lazy and 2) this is way more miles per week than what I was used to so I was tired all the time.

      I used the RLRF app to create the training plan. You’re supposed to use a race time from the most recent race to create the plan. Based upon that time, the app tells you how long and how fast you’re supposed to run for each session. My problem was that when I started training, I was briefly out of shape because I ran minimally for two months so I lost a lot of fitness. The most recent race time I had in June was rather slow and RLRF gave me really slow training runs. Also I knew that with a few weeks of regular running that I would regain my old level of fitness. I played around with “race” times until I got a training plan that I felt was mostly doable, but challenging.

      Even though this is my first full marathon, I have three years of running and racing under my belt. I’m pretty good about knowing what’s a good race pace for me on a given day. I knew what paces I was hitting for training runs when I was training for half marathons and that info also helped in assessing what would be good paces for me for this training plan.