Cardamom’s Training Log – 7.20.15

Tuesday – Key Run #1 Track Repeats (3×1600 @7:18 RI 400 m)

On the treadmill, I ran 3 one-mile repeats with a quarter mile walking rest interval. I ran the intervals in 7:09, 7:13, and 7:18. I’m happy that I ran the first two mile intervals a little faster than the intended target because a 7:18 on a treadmill is easier than on a track or road.

Wednesday – Key Run #2 Tempo Run (2 easy mile, 3 miles @7:50 pace, 1 mile easy)

Every other week in the summer the Prospect Park Track Club hosts a $5 5K with chip timing. Because the plan asked me to run a 3-mile tempo, the 5K came at a good time. I ran an easy mile to warm up, not because I actually wanted to warm up but because I was running late and a mile happened to the distance from my house to the registration site in the park. My 5K time was 24:06 (7:47 pace). I was very happy with this run.

At the start of the long run
At the start of the long run

Friday – Key Run #3 Long Run (18 miles @9:28 pace)

Normally I wouldn’t try to do a long run after only one rest day after having two hard workouts, but a friend I hadn’t seen in two years was in town and I wasn’t going to miss hanging out with him. I woke up early and once again headed back up to the northern end of Manhattan.I wasn’t focused on hitting the 9:28 pace because 1) it was hot and humid, 2) my legs were still a bit tired from Tues & Wed’s workouts, and 3) I wanted to complete 20 miles. I was supposed to do my first 20-miler last week and I had to quit after 15 miles. It was important to me to do a 20-miler. I ran at an easy pace and took the opportunity to explore Fort Tryon Park. My third mile was very slow because I was hiking more than running because I found an old abandoned trail that was mostly uphill.

Beautiful Arch at Fort Tryon Park
Beautiful Arch at Fort Tryon Park

After running around inside the park for a few miles, I made my way to the run/bike path next to the Henry Hudson Parkway and ran south. Here are a few photos of what I saw. I cannot describe how nice the West Side Highway is. I really enjoyed running on this pathway.


I kinda held my breath around Mile 15 because I was worried about my knee hurting again. There was absolutely no pain, so I felt confident about finishing 20 miles. I ran, or rather fought my way through the tourists, around the southern tip of Manhattan and fought the tourists some more across Brooklyn Bridge. I was very exhausted at Mile 17. Desperately I counted down the miles until I could stop. I was strongly tempted to stop at Mile 18, but I argued that if I made it this far, then I could do two more miles and that this was good practice for learning how to dig deep and just getting through tough miles. Finally I was done at 20 miles. I completed it in 3:36:22 (10:49 pace). Very slow, but if I correct for the abnormally slow third mile, I did the run at a 10:31 pace. Slower than what the plan asked for, but I wanted to run slowly to make sure that I did the 20 miles.

Watermelon Juice was my reward after 20 long hot miles
Watermelon Juice was my reward after 20 long hot miles

Now that I’ve done a number of long runs, I’ll be focusing on hittingย the prescribed for the long runs now. I hadn’t been worried about hitting the pace before because I knew I wasn’t quite as fit as the plan was assuming I would be. Last year my typical 5K time was 24:0X, which is the time that I got for the most recent 5K race, so I think I’m back to my old level of fitness.

It’s going to be another hot week in NYC. More watermelon juice, please!

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  1. that path/trail looks amazing! congrats on getting the miles done ๐Ÿ™‚ its a huge confidence builder for sure!!