Caraway’s Vacation Training Log, July 8-30

The view from my post-run ice bath.

Hi! It’s been awhile since I posted a training log, and I have no excuses for that. Here’s my post-summer-vacation training update and log from the last two weeks of vacation in Maine, plus my first jetlagged week back.

But First, An Update

I’ve been training with coach Janet Bawcom of the Run SMART Project for the last two months and it’s been great! After a long winter of slogging through uninspired casual runs, I was ready to work at running again. We started at the same mileage level I’d been running, adding in some “quality” sessions at interval, threshold, and marathon pace (the training is based on Jack Daniels’ system). After four weeks of twice-weekly faster running, I felt like my legs were finally waking up after hibernating all winter. Then, we increased mileage to around 60 km/37 miles per week, where it will stay until taper time.

My goal race is a half marathon on September 3rd. Here’s how the last few weeks went.

Vacation Training, July 8-15

Wait! There’s one more thing! Before taking the train up to Maine, I got to meet up with Mango in Boston and we ran and chatted together on a billion-degree day and it was awesome.

Saturday 7/8: 8 km easy. Feeling just fine.

Sunday 7/9: Longish run with marathon (M) and threshold/half marathon (T) pace: 5km warmup, 4km @ M, 2km easy, 2km @ T, 2km cooldown. 15-ish km total. There are more hills in this part of Maine than in Berlin, but I kind of like that for this kind of workout. Sure, running uphill is a bit harder, but then you can fly downhill.

Monday 7/10: Rest day from running; 1 hour of Pilates on the reformer at a local studio.

Tuesday 7/11: 11km very trail-y trail run along the coast. Lots of roots and rocks. Absolutely gorgeous views. Driving home, we passed the legendary Joan Benoit Samuelson, who was out for her run. Yes, I am still fangirling about this three weeks later.

Wednesday 7/12: Interval time! Plan was 2km warmup, 6x600m at interval (I) pace (which is slightly faster than 5k pace) with 1 minute recoveries, then 4×200 at repetition (R) pace, which is again a bit faster than I pace, followed by a short cooldown. It was much hotter and more humid than I’m used to, and I should have backed off the pace in those conditions, but unfortunately that only occurred to me halfway through the workout. I met the goal pace on the first three reps with no problem but then started to feel really nauseous and overheated. Ended up shortening it to 5×600 and 2×200 and shuffling home with the reddest face ever.

Thursday 7/13: 13 km easy. After yesterday’s burning temps, it was suddenly 60F and cloudy, so this felt great.

Friday 7/14: Rest day.

Saturday 7/15: Another M pace workout.Warmup, 6km @ M pace, cooldown. 15km total. Felt great.

Sunday 7/16: Hot and slightly sloggy 16km long run.

Vacation Training, 7/17-7/23

Monday 7/17: 8 km easy and 1 hour of Pilates.

Tuesday 7/18: Rest day.

Wednesday 7/19: Quick interval session – 4x800m with 1 min. recoveries plus warmup and cooldown. Hourlong Pilates session.

Thursday 7/20: This is the only run I missed while on vacation. Instead, my husband and I took a 2.5-hour kayaking class. Great core workout, by the way! Oh, and we drove past Joan Benoit Samuelson again on the way to the kayaking place. I’m still fangirling about that too.

Friday 7/21: Threshold time. Warmup, 2×10 min. @ T pace,  2×5 min @ T pace, cooldown.

Saturday 7/22: 18 km long run. Hot and sunny. Took a meandering route around town and felt sad that the vacation was almost over.

Sunday 7/23: Travel day. Long drive to the airport, long overnight flight back to Berlin.

Post-vacation Training, 7/24-7/30

I’ll spare you the day by day recounting of this week, because it was not my favorite week ever. Monday I didn’t run because we arrived in Berlin at midday after a sleepless overnight flight and it just wasn’t happening. Jogged a little bit more each day until my legs started to feel normal again, then did a 15km M- and T-pace workout on Sunday that was what you might call “adequate”. Jetlag was finally gone by the end of the week and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of training!

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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  1. Glad that training under Janet is going well!! Also I think the jetlag and flying across the world is more than good enough reason to have a “meh” week when you got home!