Caraway’s Training Log, 7-13 January 2018

I started 2018 with a New Year’s trip to the rainy Alps, where I did some hiking and walking, lots of eating, and no running. Back in Berlin last week, I jumped back into training right where I’ve been for the last few months: around 30 miles per week with two or three workouts per week (generally a long run and one or two faster-paced workouts). We’ve had a relatively mild winter with temperatures hovering around freezing, sometimes a little rain or wind but no snow or ice yet, so I’ve been running outside.

My next goal race is the Berlin Half Marathon on April 8th, about 3 months away, so training will ramp up in the next weeks.

Sunday, Jan. 7th:ย 8 miles on trails. A rust-buster after a week off!

Monday, Jan. 8th: 4 miles easy, not feeling like the rust has been fully busted yet.

Tuesday, Jan. 9th: 4 miles easy. Realize it’s that time of the month, which is probably the real reason I feel so slow and creaky.

Wednesday, Jan. 10th: 12x200m reps on the track. When it’s cold and windy, it’s hard to feel truly speedy, but got it done. Strength training afterward.

Thursday, Jan. 11th: 7.5 miles easy on the rainy, cold streets of Berlin.

Friday, Jan. 12th: 5 miles including 4x1km at threshold (aka half-marathon) pace. It was very windy and my legs never warmed up, so it felt more like a vigorous hobble than a workout. Each rep was a few seconds too slow. It happens! Strength training afterward.

Saturday, Jan. 13th: Rest day.

Total: 33 miles.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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