Caraway’s Training Log – 5/8/16

After a stomach virus knocked me out the previous week, it took a few days to get my appetite back and return to running. The first couple of runs were rough. Which is the real reason I hate taking time off from running – getting back into it is so unpleasant! But by the end of the week, my legs were back to normal, i.e. semi-sprightly, and running felt good again.

Monday 5/2: Too tired to run.

Tuesday 5/3: Jogged after work, predictably tired and dead-legged. “Bonked” at mile 2 and took a bus the rest of the way.

Wednesday 5/4: Another jog, slightly less bad. 3 miles at a snail’s pace. Yoga afterwards.

Thursday 5/5: 5.5-mile fartlek in the park. Yay, it didn’t suck! Bodyweight strength training and a long walk in the afternoon.

Friday 5/6: 4 miles easy.

Saturday 5/7: No running. Much brunch.

Sunday 5/8: 6-mile out-and-back on the first summery day of the year. I tend to run these too hard and end up with very tired legs for the next day’s long run, so my plan was to keep it slower than I felt like I should be running. The hot weather helped. Ten minutes of core stuff afterwards.

Total: about 26 miles. With about 4.5 months until the Berlin Marathon, it’s time to step it up! Stay tuned…

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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