Caraway’s Training Log, 4.4 – 4.10.2016

A beautiful day in the neighborhood: scene from my post-work runs.

Monday 4.4: Tired from hardish 9 miles the day before. Jog to Pilates, 1 hour mat class.

Tuesday 4.5: Easy 4 miles from work to train station, 15 min. yoga. Feeling fine.

Wednesday 4.6: Even easier 3.5 miles. Really not feeling it today.

Thursday 4.7: 6.2-mile easy run on trails, 20 min. strength training for arms and legs. Neither feeling it, nor not feeling it. Mostly just want a nap.

Friday 4.8: Sore legs from strength training. No running, but lots of walking around while little guy rode his bike.

Saturday 4.9: a.m.: Still tired. Jog to and from Pilates (about 3 miles round trip), one-hour mat class. Feel much better afterward. p.m.: Walk in the woods with small dude.

Sunday 4.10: Somewhat randomly – possibly due to increased motivation after about ten hours of sleep – I proclaim this to be the first day of marathon training for the Berlin Marathon. Decide that Monday is a better day than Sunday for a long run, and since I plan to do it Lydiard-style with a Running Wizard plan, that makes Sunday out & back day. In Lydiard training, an out&back is always done before the weekly long run. It’s a high-end aerobic run where you try to run the second half at the same pace or a little bit faster as the first half. As the name implies, you’re meant to do it on an out and back course. So if my usual easy run is around 9:30-10 min. pace, I might do 8:30-ish for this run, or try to keep my heart rate at a level that’s slightly higher than on a regular easy run. Today is kind of a test to see how it feels, and to experiment with training by heart rate: I warm up with a mile jog, then do 5km on trails at heart rate 150-160. That turns out to be about 8:20 per mile, though I started slower and ended faster. Legs feel heavy and don’t really want to turn over, but breathing is fine. Yay, a success! The fact that I’ll be doing three times this distance for an out & back during heavy-duty marathon training is daunting, so I’m not going to think about it. Afterwards: 20 min. yoga.

Signs of spring.

Total: About 24 miles.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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