Caraway’s Training Log, 3.4.2016

Monday 3/28 – Holiday! No running. Lots of walking around in the park and eating cake.

Park Sanssouci
Park Sanssouci

Tuesday 3/29 – 5 post-work miles around the park (part of a world heritage site!) and to the train station. 30 min. strength training.

Wednesday 3/30 – Legs a bit sore from deadlifts and such. Easy 25-min. jog, 15 min. yoga, lots of foam roller.

Thursday 3/31 – 6.2 easy, relaxing miles on trails.

Friday 4/1 – 3.1 mile easy fartlek, 15 min yoga. Is not so easy to get turnover on the fartlek. Know this is probably because I just ate lunch and it’s Friday afternoon and I need a nap, but still wonder melodramatically if I will ever run fast again.

Saturday 4/2 – jog approx 1.5 miles to Pilates, 1-hour mat class, walk home. Tired today.

Start of Berlin Half Marathon at Alexanderplatz
Start of Berlin Half Marathon at Alexanderplatz

Sunday 4/3 – I registered for the Berlin half marathon ages ago, but I’m not really in half marathon shape right now. I probably could have gutted out the 13.1 miles; I’ve run so many half marathons that my legs go on autopilot even if I haven’t really trained. But then I’d have been sore for the next week, and plus I’m trying to be sensible, cautious, and all that adult-type stuff. So I opted to run the first 14 kilometers/8.7 miles and then take the U-Bahn home. It was a lovely day, sunny but not too warm, and the course is flat and scenic – definitely recommended as a sightseeing tour. I ran pretty hard, at least relative to how I’ve been running lately, and that was a confidence booster. Maybe fast running is in my future after all! Of course once I hit 14 kilometers it seemed silly to stop. If you’ve run 2/3 of the race you might as well finish it, right? But logic prevailed and I stopped running as planned. Definitely the right call; felt really good afterwards and not at all sore the next morning.

Total: about 27 miles.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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