Caraway’s Training Log, 25-31 May 2018

We got our first really hot weather of the year this week. Technically it was lovely, in the high 80’s with bright sunshine and low humidity. Great for swimming and eating ice cream, not ideal for running. I decided to look at it as a chance to heat train and get stronger for summer racing. I definitely had the They Might Be Giants song “Why does the sun shine?” in my head all week (the sun is a mass of incandescent gas…enjoy your earworm!)

Anyway, it was a solid week of training and I felt surprisingly good given the heat.

Friday, May 25th: 8km easy run. I’d done a tempo workout the day before, so this was just recovery. Did lots of post-run foam rolling.

Saturday, May 26th: 6km easy run, just getting in some miles/kilometers. 20 minutes of strength training after.

Sunday, May 27th: 18km with 6 at “marathon” pace. I put marathon in quotes because I’m not actually training for a marathon; Daniels’ M pace is at the high end of your aerobic pace range and makes a nice change in the middle of a long run. I did this run in the woods because it was shadier than the local park, but then it was like “Oh hey! Want some rocks with your heatstroke? How about a hill?” So I was happy to be done and drank about sixteen liters of water afterward.

Monday, May 28th: Rest day. I meant to do some yoga but somehow didn’t move very much at all.

Tuesday, May 29th: 10km/1 hour easy run + 20 minutes strength training.

Wednesday, May 30th: This was the hottest day yet, around 90F when I ran, and I had a tempo workout to do: 3x2km with 2-minute recovery jogs. Again I went to the woods to have some shade, and there was a light breeze to keep things a little cooler, but it was still really hard. Usually I love T pace workouts, but I guess you can’t always feel like a T-pace she-ro. Sometimes you feel more like crusty, day-old cat food on legs, but hey — it’s done. Took a dip in the lake afterwards.

Thursday, May 31st: 6km recovery run + strength training. Hot again, but I’m getting used to it and my legs felt surprisingly good after yesterday’s workout. Still, I didn’t realize it was possible to sweat that much in 37 minutes.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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