Caraway’s training log – 20.3.16

Affer a few months of minimal running, it’s time to start doing more. Woohoo! I’m registered for the Berlin marathon in September. This week my total distance was about the length of a marathon. So there’s work to do, but plenty of time to do it. Almost all runs are easy right now; I try to do one slightly faster run per week, and one fartlek.

Mon 3/14 – plan to do an easy 25-min jog and yoga. Go out for sushi instead.

Tues 3/15 – 3.7 miles easy from work to train station. 20 min. strength training (arms & core), 15 min yoga.

Wed 3/16 – same 3.7 miles as Tuesday, this time with my running backpack stuffed full. This was poor planning as I wanted to push the pace a little, but kept having to slow down and adjust the straps on the pack, which was designed for a burly person with no boobs. Then the pack came unzipped and I had to stop and stuff everything in. Not my most competent 35 minutes, but still an ok run.

Thurs 3/17 – 5.5 miles easy around some lakes.

Fri 3/18 – 25 minute jog (2-2.5 miles), yoga, bodyweight strength training.

Sat 3/19 – a.m. 3 mile walk in the woods with small dude and grandparents. P.m. 3 mile easy fartlek in the park.

Sun 3/20 – a.m. 8.5 miles on trails in constant drizzle. Lots of hills! Hills are speed work in disguise, right? In this case very very disguised.

Total: 26.5 miles. Feeling slow, but strong.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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  1. Like you said, you have plenty of time until Berlin. Getting out there consistently and building strength is so important. Hills and strength training will certainly help!