Caraway’s Training Log, 14-20 January 2018

I feel like half-marathon training is now officially happening, since this week contained both a 9.5 mile/90 minute easy run and a longer workout with marathon pace. Training in the winter is always a challenge and the weather this week wasn’t exactly delightful, but compared with what some people are dealing with, it was really nothing. There’s still no snow or ice on the ground, so workouts can happen outdoors, though with more layers than you ideally want to wear while trying to run fast. As I saw during my long workout on Saturday, even the wild boar are improving their aerobic conditioning right now.

Sunday, Jan. 14th: 5 miles easy on a lovely sunny, cold afternoon. Strength training.

Monday, Jan. 15th: 9.5 miles easy in cold, windy weather. Never really warmed up. One of those runs where all you can say is “time on feet is good!”

Tuesday, Jan. 16th: รœber-rest-day. Did almost nothing that required getting off the couch. Enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday, Jan. 17th: 7 miles easy on snowy, slushy, muddy trails. I don’t mind the sloppiness (it means time on feet!), but I changed my stride to avoid sliding around too much and my legs weren’t happy about it afterwards. Worshipped at the altar of our lord and savior the foam roller that evening.

Thursday, Jan. 18th:ย My coach assigned a fartlek with 6×3 minutes at interval pace. A major storm meant running on the treadmill – but the gym was packed. Not a single cardio machine was free. January problems! During a lull in the weather, I tried to do this workout via 800’s on the track, but only made it through 1.75 reps before the horizontal sleet resumed and drove me back inside. Oh well, at least I got in 3 total miles, that’s better than nothing. Did some strength training afterwards.

Friday, Jan. 19th: 7 easy miles were on the calendar, but my son wasn’t feeling well so he stayed home and I decided to take a rest day rather than squeeze in the workout late in the evening. Wednesday’s snow has all melted, so hopefully I can get in some good runs on the weekend.

Saturday, Jan. 20th: Rested, and with the weather looking decent (meaning: it was above freezing and not sleeting too hard), I decided to do Sunday’s long workout today. Carpe diem! The workout was 10 miles with 4 at marathon pace. These long workouts are my favorites – they make me feel competent in a way that something like 15x300m never will – and I felt good. The highlight was passing a group of wild boar running through the woods in the opposite direction parallel to the trail I was on. They were organized by size, with the smallest ones trotting along at the back of the pack.

Total for the week: 34 miles.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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