Caraway’s non-training log, 4.18-5.1.2016

This will be the shortest training log ever written in the history of Salty Running.

In the week of April 18th, life decided I shouldn’t run quite so much, so I didn’t: I cut it down to a few “sanity jogs,” as I call them (25-30 minutes very easy, the only point of which is to boost my emotional state) and some yoga.

On April 24th, I ran a hard almost-9-miler at a 1/3 marathon (14.065 kilometers and not a centimeter more!) in cold, windy conditions. There was sleet. The run itself was totally fine.

Two days after that, I came down with a sore throat and fever, followed seamlessly by a stomach flu. So I spent the whole week lying in bed not doing anything, unless feeling sorry for yourself counts as cross-training.

Now healthy again, I’m looking forward to getting into marathon training and running in shorts! Stay tuned…

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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