Caraway’s Berlin Marathon Training Log, 5.29.16

At least my outfit on Sunday almost matched.
At least my outfit on Sunday almost matched.

This week started out a bit rocky as I overdid a workout in the heat, then followed it up with a 2-hour long run. I never used to get this sore, even after the stupidest bouts of running myself into the ground! On Sunday, we had a stereotypical only-while-marathon-training exchange when my husband said “are you running long today?” And I said “nah, I’m just doing 8 or 9 miles today, long run is tomorrow.” Ultimately I was grateful to get all my runs in and to finish the week both unscathed and hopefully stronger than I started it.

Monday 5/22: 12 miles easy. This wasn’t terrible, but it would have been much less sloggy if I hadn’t fried myself the day before running an out & back too hard in over 80-degree weather. I would say lesson learned, but that never really seems to happen.

Tuesday 5/23: Hobbled out of bed and mentally awarded the Nobel peace prize to the inventor of rest days.

Wednesday 5/24: A 6-mile fartlek was on the plan, but I could tell my legs weren’t up to it. They weren’t sore anymore, but so heavy. Jogged for 30 minutes in a kind of reverse progression run, getting slower with each kilometer, and did 30 minutes of yoga. Sometimes when your body says “WTF???” you just have to agree.

Thursday 5/25: Whew. Legs back to normal. 8.5 miles easy and strength training.

Friday 5/26: I…um…didn’t run today. Sore from strength training and generally just tired. Did some yoga though! And foam rolled like a champ!

Saturday 5/27: Feeling good today! Slept in, then five miles easy, one hour Pilates mat class, and lots of foam rolling.

Sunday 5/28: Oooof. Another hot, sunny, humid day for an Out & Back. I controlled the pace better than last week, but it was still tough going and my face got so red, it felt like it might explode. On the up side, this run didn’t kill me, so I’m just going to assume it made me stronger. 8.5 sweaty miles.

Total: 36 miles.

I'm a 43-year-old living in Berlin, Germany and currently training for the 2020 Berlin Marathon.

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  1. I so feel you on the running in heat! I think that’s part of my 18 turned 17 mile run. I was literally soaking, even my shoes were wet by the end of the run and I was running with a full CamelBak. I don’t know how I could have fueled better other than to run at 5 am, which, frankly, isn’t going to happen on Saturday.

    1. Oh my gosh yes. I was drenched after my long run yesterday (also sticky, grimy, and chafed.) 5 a.m. on Saturday? No.

  2. I’m with you 100% on this. It’s already unbearable here. My usual and most convenient time to run is at 9am after I take my au pair kids to school. But. It’s already too hot by then. Not the heat exactly, but the sun. It’s so intense. It’s rough! It makes me feel like I’m totally out of shape haha. Don’t worry! I’m so excited for this race for you!

    1. Oh yeah, I know that intense-sun-feeling from vacations in Spain and Italy. It can make you pretty queasy. And it makes you feel like all your fitness disappeared overnight…but let’s just assume we’ll be kicking butt in the fall!