Caper’s Week 9 Boston Marathon Training Log — 2.14.2016

Highbridge Run with NY Flyers

This was a pretty great running week. I feel good after running 73 miles, was inspired seeing the Olympic Trials marathon on TV and got to run through northern Manhattan across the Highbridge Acqueduct.

Monday – 7 recovery paced miles (9:50/139 bpm) on gym treadmill. Almost finished “Marriage of Opposites,” a historical novel about Pisarro, and plan to start another historical novel by the same author. Legs feel great after the run.

Tuesday – 11 miles with 12×3 min hard uphill/downhill (8:08, 7:27, 7:24, 7:42, 7:30, 7:12, 8:08, 7:40, 7:27, 7:52, 7:36, 7:11) with 45 sec walk recovery. My effort was fairly consistent, with heart rate generally between 172-176, touching 179 on the steepest hills, and differences in paces reflecting hills and a few icy patches. Proud that I kept the stress recovery cycle exactly and that I was one second faster on my 12th rep than my 6th on the same hilly spot. Strength work: 3 sets single legged weighted goblet squats, 2×20 push ups, 3 sets hamstring exercises, 4×10 box jumps, 26 100# deadlifts.

Wednesday – 8.4 recovery paced miles (10:08/139 bpm) around the CP reservoir while it was snowing, listening to “The Dovekeepers.” Strength work: side planks (80 sec each), 2×20 push-ups.

Thursday – 12.5 miles with rather pathetic 7 mile GMP run, broken into 3 miles (7:55/167 bpm); 1 mile (7:56/168 bpm); 2 miles (7:54/166 bpm); 1 mile (7:50/166 bpm), with about 60 seconds between sets. My heart rate was not high, showing I had ample fitness to do it, but cold wind and effects of work dinner the prior night made it hard for me to find the mental stamina needed to focus to hold pace for a continuous long run. Strength work: one set single leg goblet squats, plank, balance exercises.

Friday – 9.3 easy treadmill miles (9:52/141 bpm) while listening to “The Dovekeepers.” Discovered from my new watch that my body is slightly unbalanced favoring my right leg while running outside and now that it is unbalanced favoring my left leg on treadmill. The imbalance bothered my left foot toward the end of the run but felt better as soon as I stopped. Strength work: 3 sets Lateral lunges with Kettlebells to strengthen adductors, 3×20 push-ups, 2×30 weighted eccentric heel drops, one leg touches, star reaches, 2 sets single legged weighted goblet squats.

Saturday – 14.6 miles (8:46/159 bpm) with NY Flyers through northern Manhattan up to the Highbridge in frigid weather. LOVED the camaraderie, scenery and general feeling of badassery running in frigid, windy weather with friends through four northern Manhattan parks, including some dirt trails and rocks, past Alexander Hamilton’s grange and across the Highbridge Aqueduct. Heard one of my favorite lines when a man in the Bronx neighborhood we were running through asked if we were running to Central Park, and when we said that were, exclaimed “NO WAY!!” in a heavy Bronx accent. I had intended to run additional miles alone but really wanted to make it home in time to see the Olympic Trials Marathon. I was moved and inspired by the event, seeing Desi’s control and late race strength, Shalane and Amy’s teamwork, Amy’s come back from fourth place to win and Meb’s strength at 40 and consistent sportsmanship. Wish I could have seen it in person. Many thanks to my fellow Salties who were taking pictures and kudos to Tea who toughed it through hot and difficult conditions. I am proud of you!!

Sunday – 10.1 miles on gym treadmill (9:06/144 bpm), focused on balanced running. Strength and balance work: one legged touches, star reaches, 2×30 weighted eccentric heel drops, 3×15 lateral lunges with 45# Kettlebell, 4×10 box jumps, 3×12 100# deadlifts.

I am so thankful to end a 73 mile week feeling strong and healthy! And looking forward to a cut back and some skiing next week to keep things that way.

Weekly total: 73 miles

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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  1. Caper, Impressive week! I’m also a master’s runner, getting ready to tackle some of my highest mileage in the upcoming weeks. Have you always run such high mileage during marathon training cycles? How do you recover with no rest days? Do you consider yourself pretty durable? Do you create your own training plans or do you have a coach? Would love to hear more about how you stay healthy.

  2. Amy, thanks so much! I have run this amount of mileage in one prior training cycle. I feel adjusted to high mileage this cycle, in part because it isn’t completely new and also, importantly, I have learned to run my “easy” miles truly easy according to my body’s feedback, generally targeting a 145 heart rate (about 70% of max) on most easy days and targeting a 135-140 heart rate (about 65% of max) on recovery days. I can run 11-12 miles without feeling sore afterward if I run my easy paces that easy. And trusting in the theory that fitness is determined by performance on the hard, have been able to get faster on the hard days. I have been loosely following the Hanson’s plan designed for training for the Boston marathon which peaks around 75 miles per week. I also take cut back weeks at least every four weeks, measure my recovery/stress levels every morning before getting out of bed (my Garmin FR630 has a function for doing this) and take the day off or push a work out day back when my body tells me it needs the recovery.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I do have to remind myself to take my easy days easy. I tend to push myself when I’m feeling strong (usually for no other reason than to get my workout done faster); maybe I should employ my HR monitor more to keep myself in check.
    I look forward to following your training and hearing about your race in Boston. Hope the weather is better this year than it was in 2015!