Caper’s Week 18 Boston Marathon Training Log


Hello from en route to Boston for the marathon tomorrow! I am relaxed after spending most of my taper week on family vacation in the mountains of Gatlinburg TN and am excited about the race. This week’s running consisted of scaled back but reasonable length easy runs with some speed work of mostly GMP miles to continue to dial in the pace. GMP miles are now feeling pretty easy; hope that feeling continues tomorrow.

Monday – 8 miles on Gatlinburg track with 3 mile progression from GMP (7:33/169 bpm; 7:31/171 bpm; 7:19/175 bpm) (8:14/158 bpm for entire run). Ran in sunny 64 degree weather in silence, listening to my breathing. Felt strong. Core work: 4×20 push ups, single leg toe touches.

Tuesday – 8.7 miles easy (8:38/151 bpm) in pouring rain on track, with strides at the end. Ran without music and contemplated body awareness and Boston. Enjoyed this run despite the rain. Core work: reverse lunges, single leg toe touches. Argh!! Sore from fast strides at night. Lots of roll recovery and 9.5 hours sleep.

Wednesday — 7.3 miles easy (8:45/150 bpm) in silence on Gatlinburg track in progression run in long sleeved t shirt and sunny 64 degree weather. Overdressed to prepare for heat.

Thursday – 8 miles on Gatlinburg track with 3.5 at GMP (7:33/164 bpm; 7:32/170 bpm; 7:32/172 bpm; 7:32/173 bpm)(8:14/156 bpm for entire run). Ran at mid day in fleece and full tights in 66 degree weather to acclimate to heat, as forecast predicts high of 72 degrees. Would have run 4 miles at GMP but Garmin lost signal for a time and measurement was off. Felt strong.

Friday – Off. Drive 760 miles from TN to CT.

Saturday – 7.4 miles (8:09/153 bpm), with 4.2 easy miles on CT trails with Deena doggie and remainder on track, with 2 miles at GMP (7:27/162 bpm; 7:21/163 bpm). Ran at 1 pm in 64 degree weather in long sleeves and tights to adjust to sun and heat. Stress score that morning was low (14) but my back hurt during and after the run, I think from long car ride the day before. Otherwise felt great. Back recovered after icing it and taking an afternoon nap. Strength work: 1×20 single leg goblet squats, hamstring exercises.

Sunday — 4.5 miles easy (8:30 avg) on CT track. Felt a little creaky the first mile, then well and strong after getting warmed up. Went a little faster than planned, leaving an annoying, heaving runner who was making patronizing comments during my last lap in the dust. Pondered that my next run would be in Hopkinton! Strength work: push ups, planks, single leg toe touches.

Weekly total: 44 miles

Carboloading on Naked blue machine juice, quinoa, oatmeal pancakes, overnight oatmeal, bananas, ice cream, chocolate, lobster mac n cheese.

Racing weight: 131.4 lbs

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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