Caper’s Week 16 Boston Marathon Training Log – 4.3.16

Central Park April

I wish I had taken a picture of the spring blossoms with snow on them this morning, because they are a good metaphor for the contrasts and highs and lows of my training week. The high: my best 20 miler ever yesterday, with 12 miles at 7:34 pace under challenging conditions and 7:48 overall pace, including warmup and cool down. The lows: needing to take a day off and pull back from my training mid week to stay healthy and less than great recovery run today. I think I have the fitness that I need for a great race in Boston. My task for this week will be to recover and find a good holding pattern before serious taper starts next weekend.

Monday – 9.5 miles easy (8:27/152 bpm) in CP in pouring rain starting with West Side hills. Got to test out the serious rain jacket I invested in after reading predictions of rain and wind on Boston marathon day. Woke with low stress score (17) so ran this slightly harder than I otherwise would have. Strength work: 2×30 weighted eccentric heel drops, 4000# goblet squats.

Tuesday – 8.4 miles easy (8:30/146 bpm) mostly on CP dirt bridle path with Deena doggie. Was excited to get through the night and get out for my run and woke with low stress score of 16 and morning heart rate as low as 38 bpm. Loving the blossoms and daffodils in full bloom. Ready for Napoleon to die already even though I enjoyed the audio book. 8:22/145 bpm second mile and 8:04/145 bpm 8th mile. Core work: 10 burpees, 20 push-ups, 2×100 second side planks, one legged plyo hops.

Wednesday – 10.5 miles in CP with 2 miles (6:59/170 bpm; 7:02/177 bpm), 2 miles (7:02/172 bpm; 7:14/178 bpm), 1 mile (7:09/173 bpm) with 90 second rests. — 7:05/174 bpm average. Woke up with low stress score. Delayed start of run til I was fully awake, had done strength work and weather was warmer for optimal conditions but run began with elevated heart rate from stress of whether I could hit the paces again. In an unpretty way, I hit my 7:05 goal pace (that I ran for three miles last week) for five of the planned six miles. I did not have the heart to compete with traffic, horse drawn carriages and tourists for that last mile at newly fast for me pace. At end of run my shin near my ankle felt tender so I rolled it. Strength work: 4000# deadlifts, 2×20 weighted hamstring exercises, core work with Swiss ball.  I was encouraged after reviewing my training log for this same period in the fall cycle, when I ran a full 30 seconds slower, 7:35 average pace for lactate threshold paces. I also had a sore shin after a lactate threshold workout and managed through it by backing off and resting a bit.

Thursday – Off. Decided to take the day off so as to not take chances with my shin/ankle. I have the fitness I want to race day and just need to maintain it. Confirmed by initial morning stress score of 24, the high end of the green zone. Went back to bed for 90 mins and stress score lowered to 16.

Friday – 7.9 miles easy (8:46/145 bpm) in drizzle and showers on CT trails with Deena doggie. Morning stress score good 17. Happy that my ankle/shin held up for the run though disappointed that my watch estimates my fitness took a slight hit from a single day off. Core/strength work: planks, single legged toe touches, deadlifts, weighted hamstring exercises.

Saturday – 20 miles in CP with 12 at GMP (7:34/170 average for GMP miles and 7:48/167 avg for entire run). 9 hours sleep the night before and woke feeling good with low stress score. I had a stressful 90 second stop during the run bc someone stole the extra water I had set out for myself and I had to buy more from a vendor. Warmish day and afternoon sun meant I was dealing with profuse, salty sweat. But mostly felt good and strong on this run where I was trying to dial in running comfortably and efficiently at a 7:30-7:37 pace on rolling hills.  At 170 bpm, my effort level was less than the 177 bpm I raced my past two marathons, but I wanted to dial in a pace at a at low enough heart rate to give me a heart rate cushion to survive uphills between miles 16-21 and stress or unfavorable weather.  Felt ready for Boston and a huge sense of relief after finishing this last monster workout before the marathon. Core work: 2×30 single legged toe touches.

Sunday – 10.4 miles very easy (8:58/146 bpm) on CT trails and track in snowy cold and 30 mph winds. Ok run but not a great one and probably more miles than my body wanted to do after a 20 miler.  The pace that has been recovery for my legs and heart rate recently was sadly easy pace by heart rate today, though seemed to improve at end with 8:15/155 bpm 9th mile on track. Core and strength work: 2×30 eccentric heel drops, 4×20 push ups, 2×30 single legged toe touches.

Weekly total: 66.7 miles

Two weeks til Boston!

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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  1. Not sure what Boston forecast you are seeing but here (local), the forecasts are coming in pretty favorable (knock on wood)! I guess we won’t know till that morning :o)

  2. Here’s hoping, JenF! has changed its forecast to looking ideal. Accuweather has changed its forecast from freezing rain to borderline hot.