Caper’s Week 15 Boston Marathon Training Log – 3.27.16


This week, I had an amazing goal marathon paced run that was faster and at a lower effort level than the NYC Half Marathon I ran a week ago. Also, my cruise interval speed paces started to dip below 7:00 per mile pace.

Monday – 6.8 miles, post-race recovery pace (9:22/133 bpm) on CP dirt bridle path which was a gorgeous, frosty wonderland, coated with the last dusting of snow for the season. Felt surprisingly good for the day after a half marathon; I have been more sore and higher stress score after several hard Sunday workouts this training cycle. Strength work: 95 second side planks, single leg toe touches, form drills

Tuesday – 8 miles recovery/easy (9:02/141 bpm) mostly on CP dirt bridle path. Forsythia and magnolia blooms are glorious and seem to have survived yesterday’s snow. Strength work: 2×30 weighted eccentric heel drops, weighted hamstring exercises, 3500# deadlift.

Wednesday – 11 miles, with 3 mile tempo (7:22/169 bpm, 7:08/174 bpm, 7:17/177 bpm — 7:15/173 bpm average). Then 3 miles steady state (8:09/164 bpm avg)(8:09/163 bpm avg for entire run). I had hoped to run 2×3 miles and was pleasantly surprised at how low my heart rate was at my 7:15 target pace. But after the first interval, on two attempts, my body refused to resume my target pace, even though my heart rate was not high, so I decided to simply do a steady state run which gives an additional modest fitness benefit. Strength work: planks, weighted eccentric heel drops, 4×20 goblet squats w 40# weight, weighted hamstring exercises.

Thursday – 11.3 miles with 3 mile tempo (6:57!/171 bpm; 7:05/176 bpm; 7:08/178 bpm — 7:03/175 bpm average)! (8:09/158 bpm avg for entire run). Woke up with a low stress score (16) and decided to go for the rest of the six miles on my agenda for this week at MP effort. Excited to run these paces and think I lack good running economy at them because I have almost never run this fast. Strength work: 4×20 push ups.

Friday – 10.25 miles easy (9:02/147 bpm) with 7.5 on CT trails with Deena doggie, and remainder on track, with strides at end. Spotted the first spring buds in CT, which is a few weeks behind NYC. ย Couple slow splits after falling trying to navigate our way around another dog. 7:58/155 bpm 9th mile on track. Strength work: 3×35 weighted eccentric heel drops, 3×20 single leg goblet squats, single leg toe touches, 3×20 reverse lunges, 3×20 lateral lunges, 4×10 box jumps (oof! needed a nap after this after not doing plyo for several weeks).

Saturday – 16 miles in CP with 11 miles at GMP (7:31/170 bpm average for GMP miles and 7:40 average for run). Best GMP run ever!!! I ran GMP miles 10 seconds per mile faster than intended — faster than my pace during the NYC Half Marathon last week and at dramatically lower effort level. In fact, my effort level was so comfortable that I had a runner’s high for more than 30 minutes of it. 8:21/146 bpm first mile. Strength work: planks, single legged toe touches; Kettlebell swings, deadlifts.

Sunday – 11.3 recovery pace (8:41/139 bpm) miles, 7.3 on CT trails with Deena and 4 miles on track with strides at end. 8:22/147 bpm 10th mile and 7:36/158 bpm 11th mile on track (including strides). Running watch has increased its estimate of my V02 Max to 57. I don’t quite believe it but am happy to be seeing continued improvement.

Happy Easter! ย Three weeks til Boston!

Weekly total: 75

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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