Caper’s Week 10 Boston Marathon Training Log — 2.21.16

NY Flyers before the Central Park Marathon as Boston Marathon Training Run
NY Flyers before the Central Park Marathon as Boston Marathon Training Run

I had an amazing training week. As planned, I cut back my mileage to give my body a rest after a 73 mile week, and then ended the week with a surprise bonus: marathon-as-training run. I would not advise trying it at home without careful consideration but it was an amazing experience and confidence booster for me.

Monday – Off. Amazing day skiing with my 15 year-old daughter.  Wore my training watch on a couple runs and observed with great fun that we got up to speeds of 30 mph and averaged a 4:56/mi pace, the only way I will ever move my legs as fast as Meb

Tuesday – Off. Travel day with my daughter. 4×20 push ups, 2×90 sec side planks, toe touches.

Wednesday – 11.5 miles easy (9:23/150 bpm average) in CP listening to my audio book and about four miles simply enjoying the silence, sounds of the birds and my foot falls on an especially beautiful morning. I was eager after two days off, ran this a bit harder than I should have, and felt it a bit afterward. Strength work: 1×15 weighted goblet squats, star reaches, toe touches and form drills.

Thursday – 12.3 continuous miles (9:35/145 bpm) mostly on CP reservoir. Morning stress /HRV level was in the green but not good enough for a workout in light of marathon as training run that I spontaneously signed up for for Sunday. Felt good and happy to see the pace at which I was running 145 bpm get faster as the run wore on. Annoyed that my running is still slightly unbalanced in favor of my right leg as it makes me tear through shoes too fast. 3 min plank, single leg toe touches.

Friday — 10.1 recovery paced miles (9:51/138 bpm) on Central Park’s dirt bridle path. Morning stress/HRV finally getting nice and low, the purpose of the week. 20 reps weighted single legged goblet squats, 3×20 push ups

Saturday – planned day off. My legs feel good but interesting that staying up late and drinking the night before impacted my stress score (though still in the green zone) even though I slept in.  It was nice and low again in the afternoon, after a nap.

Sunday – 28.5 miles, including 26.5 miles in the Central Park Marathon as a training run in (3:55/8:54 mi/158 bpm average). Earlier in the week, a fast NY Flyer friend who is fun and very effective at talking me into crazy runs, convinced me and some other Flyers to run the Central Park Marathon as a training run (we are all training for Boston or other spring “A” goal races). I thought the run, if done correctly at a truly easy pace with a couple hard miles at the end, would be great for giving me race day confidence that I have run for a longer time than it will take to finish my “A” goal race and truly learn to run hard on tired legs.

We did it! Weather on race day was perfect and we had a great small group with real sense of camaraderie. We ran the first half at an easy, 9:00 average pace and then the fastest group took off to run the second half hard. A friend and I stuck together and stuck to our pace, made it through the usual bad patch around mile 20 where we are used to stopping in training, and I was able to speed up and run the last two miles at a sub 8:00 pace, finishing the last mile in 7:47. This workout was great for my confidence after my disastrous end to the NYC marathon and Rehoboth marathon that wasn’t last fall.  Also, while I wore headphones “just in case,” I ran the entire marathon without listening to music or books.[pullquote][/pullquote][pullquote][/pullquote]

I feel good, and think I will be able to resume regular training next week so long as I push the hardest workouts to later in the week. Bonus points: I finished 7th in my age group while decidedly not racing.

With my friend Jo, who is training for Comrades, at the finish line
With my friend Jo, who is training for Comrades, at the finish line.

I am looking for a new audio book and would welcome your suggestions.  I also welcome any suggestions you have about how to cure my slight imbalance which favors my right leg.  Nothing I have tried in the way of strength or balance training has helped so far, and so I have to replace my running shoes about every three weeks to remain injury free

Weekly total: 62.5 miles

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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