Caper’s Week 1 Boston Training Log — 12.20.2015

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas Park Avenue at First Light
It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
Park Avenue at First Light

Week 1 of training for the Boston Marathon went well! I got in the prescribed number of miles, a “cutdown” run workout and long run along Seattle’s gorgeous Puget Sound, in a week filled with Christmas parties and travel. I hope it is a harbinger of a good training season ahead.

Monday: 6 easy paced miles on track (9:23 avg/146 bpm). First post-Rehoboth marathon run with no heart rate spikes, a good sign my body is recovering. Core work with Kettlebells and Swiss ball afterward.

Tuesday: 8 easy paced miles (9:18/152 bpm) in Central Park in 60 degree weather! 3 sets single leg goblet squats.

Wednesday: 4.3 miles very easy (9:41) in light of first post-marathon workout scheduled for the following day. One set of single leg goblet squats plus planks and push ups.

Thursday: 8 miles, with 5 mile cutdown from 8:47/mi. down to 7:58/mi, with heart rate steadily increasing from 163 to 179. Great workout learning to increase effort level when tired. Made “Boston” my mantra during hardest parts of the run. Felt proud of myself for executing entire workout at proper effort level and without any breaks. Ate a lot during the day, which really seemed to help with recovery.

Friday: Off. Recover from tempo run and Christmas/year-end dinner celebration and after party with my law partners.

Saturday: 8.5 miles easy (9:31/144 bpm) on trail and track in 36 degree weather listening to audio book about death of Steve Prefontaine. Felt like body was recovering from Thursday’s workout the first four miles, but felt healthy. 3 sets reverse lunges, side lunges, hamstring camels, plus core work with Swiss ball and eccentric heel drops.

Sunday: 12.25 continuous miles easy (9:22/165 bpm) on hilly roads in Seattle. High heart rate from cross country travel and stress of unfamiliar route made me take the first five miles slower than I would have liked (9:45), but I settled in and ran the next six at 9:00-8:45 and last mile at 8:22. In all, I was pleased with the run and endurance benefit of running the entire thing without a break.

Weekly total: 47 miles


40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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  1. Awesome first week of Boston training! Crazy it’s already time to start! I’m base building now but will start my official training in a week and a half….my how time flies! Nice work getting in the strength work with the runs too

    1. Thanks, Barley! The training plan I am following is mostly base building during the first four weeks. Glad we will both be training for Boston and look forward to seeing how you approach it.