Caper’s Training Log — Week Ending 9.20.15

Blog post week ending 9 20 15
View of the George Washington bridge on Saturday’s Palisades long run

During week 14 of NYC Marathon training, I made it through three quality workouts spaced out by only one rest day in between, ran 73 miles and, with a lot of careful attention to recovery, remained injury free.  Hooray!

Monday 9/14: 9.3 miles easy (9:29 average/144 bpm/60 degrees).  I ran the entire workout without a break listening to “The Long Run.”  Loved running in cooler weather.

Tuesday 9/15 AM: 9.1 miles with 3×1.8 miles (lower Central Park loop) (7:37 per mi/7:42 per mile/7:42 per mile)(169 bpm/66 degrees).  It was great to be back in Central Park, where I was motivated to work hard by other runners. I shortened this workout a bit from Hanson’s prescribed 3×2 miles to fit the course and reduce my injury risk.  I felt my glute during the second rep and slowed slightly, but felt glad that my pace was faster than when I performed this same workout on April 14 before my spring marathon.

Tuesday 9/15 PM: 3 recovery miles on treadmill (9:50 average/143 bpm).  30 mins strength and core work afterward.

Wednesday 9/16: 8.3 easy miles in Central Park (9:27 average/143 bpm/72 degrees).

Thursday 9/17 AM: 9.5 miles with 7 at Goal Marathon Pace (8:01 average/167 bpm/73 degrees).  I shortened this run from the Hanson’s prescribed 9 miles at GMP, knowing that I had an intense long run on tap on Saturday, in order to remain injury free.  I noticed myself sweating profusely at the end of the warmup, and think it is an adaptation that enabled me to run GMP despite the heat.  I finished the run psyched that I could hold GMP for 7 miles in the heat and on Central Park’s hills, as previous GMP runs have been on the track.

Thursday 9/17 PM: 3 easy paced miles treadmill, 30 minutes weights, strength and core training.  8.5 hours sleep, much needed in high mileage with hard workouts.

Friday 9/18: 6.4 easy paced miles on the East River (9:41 average/146 bpm/70 degrees) while listening to “The Long Run.”  I cut back on my mileage and ran where it is flat, rather than hilly Central Park, to baby a sore shin.  My body was grateful for the cut back and my shin was fine after the run.

Thursday's run at sunrise on the East River
Thursday’s run at sunrise on the East River


Saturday 9/19: 17.5 miles (8:47/170 bpm/77 degrees) with the NY Flyers through the very hilly NY Palisades. I joined the 8:30 pace group with the hope that the group would run 8:40-8:45 pace, given the heat, humidity and very steep hills (some 8-9%) on the course.  Instead, people who would have formed an 8:00 group on a cooler day joined us, and we took off up and over the George Washington bridge very fast.  I trailed the group by about a minute, averaging an 8:26 pace at the first water stop at mile 5. I knew I would have to slow down, however, to be able to finish the run injury free and continue training hard the following week. I slowed to a pace around 9:00 until the final 2 miles, which I ran hard.  I finished the run satisfied with the effort and happy to be injury free.  Enjoyed a great brunch afterward with the crew.

Sunday 9/20: 6.75 recovery paced (10:00 average/141 bpm) miles while listening to “Fast Girl” in Seattle, WA after flying cross country.

Weekly total: 73 miles, 11.5 hours running, 147 JD intensity points.

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