Caper’s Training Log – Week Ending 8.30.15

Caper and Cardamom before the New York Flyer's "Three Bridges" Long Run
Caper and Cardamom before the New York Flyer’s “Three Bridges” Long Run

Week 11 of NYC marathon was almost too busy to write about, packed with visiting family from across the country, frantic end of summer activity and unexpected amounts of work. In the midst of it all, I managed to log a confidence building almost 70 mile week, with 5 miles of threshold paced speed work, 8.5 marathon-paced miles and a solid 20 mile run on a sultry Sunday. My hard workouts went well, I think, because the repetition of the quality workouts in the Hanson’s plan made them feel familiar and I took my easy miles very easy.  Running highlights were logging a few miles with my sister and getting to meet my Salty Sister Cardamom on the long run.  Here is a quick breakdown of the week:

Monday 8/24: 6.5 miles easy on treadmill (9:14 avg/155 bpm)

Tuesday 8/25: 7.5 easy paced miles on trails, partially with my sister who is visiting from Seattle, a euphoric experience (9:49 average pace/147 bpm)

Wednesday 8/26: 8 miles, with 5×1 mile targeting 7:37 pace, with 2 mins rest.  Hanson’s called for six miles, but I decided to play it safe on an increase of speed work from three to five miles, and plan on six miles the following week.  I nailed the paces, with actual paces of (7:37/164 bpm), (7:35/167 bpm), (7:39/171 bpm), (7:37/173 bpm), (7:36/174 bpm).   The weather was pleasant, I felt strong, think my lactate threshold is actually slightly higher and will target a slightly faster pace this week.

Thursday: 8.25 easy paced miles on trails (9:49 average/141 bpm).  I was completely engrossed listening to “Wild,” Cheryl Strayed’s story of pulling her life together while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Friday: 11.5 miles, with 8.5 at Goal Marathon Pace (8:03 average/170 bpm).  The weather was pleasant and I ran while listening to Cheryl Strayed coming through near death difficulty feeling like a “hard a–ed, mf-ing Amazonian Queen.” Made that my mantra through the end of the run, felt strong enough to run .5 miles more than Hanson’s prescribed and finished looking forward to 9 GMP miles the following week.

Saturday: 8.25 easy paced miles on trails (9:40 average/142 bpm).

Sunday: 19.5 miles (8:42 avg pace/166 bpm).  I joined the New York Flyers’ “Three Bridges” long run, whose route winds through Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and across the Brooklyn Bridge (from Manhattan into Queens), Polaski Bridge (from Brooklyn into Queens) and 59th Street Bridge (from Queens back into Manhattan). From a training perspective, the route was great because we hit the 59th Street bridge with 16 miles on our legs, the same point as the NYC Marathon.  The day was hot, with 84 degree temperatures by the end of the run, so I decided to play it safe and join the 9:00 pace group. I was happy to meet Cardamom there and run in the same pace group as Cardamom for much of the run.  I logged the first three miles at 8:31, 8:15 and 8:56.  The city views and breezes across the first two bridges were wonderful.  As the day and the heat wore on, our group slowed, and by 16 miles averaged 8:55 (not including water stops).  After the last water stop, as we crossed the 59th Street bridge back into Manhattan, our pace group fell apart, the run felt very hard and I seriously considered making a beeline for my apartment and skipping the last three miles of the run, which were into and included a lower loop of Central Park.  Seeing Cardamom’s determination was a great motivator to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  After stopping to adjust my sock which had fallen off and a couple of stops for traffic and slight route confusion, I caught a second wind as we entered Central Park and, unplanned, speeded up to near goal marathon pace for the last 2.6 miles of the run.  I finished the run hot, salty and chafed in unpleasant, never previously experienced places, but feeling strong and confident.

Weekly Total: 69.5 miles

How have you been managing training and end of summer activity?  How do you plan to train through the transition to fall?

Thanks for reading.


40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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  1. Thanks, Cardamom and Salty!

    Cardamom, I hope you post the picture of us running across the Brooklyn Bridge. I look terrible (like I’m in pain, though I wasn’t yet) but it is a good action shot and you look great.