Caper’s Training Log — 6.28.15

View from under the George Washington bridge in the New York Flyers' Palisades Run.  Photo credit:  Pei
View from under the George Washington bridge during the New York Flyers’ Palisades Run. Photo credit: Pei Muantawan Arsairas

The second week of 20 in my fall marathon training plan focused on base building and finding new places to run, both to boost my enjoyment of summer running and to prevent overuse injury from too much sameness in muscles used during high mileage. The best part of the week was a beautiful 20 mile run across the George Washington Bridge and through the beautiful Palisades which are along the Hudson River. The waterfalls and spectacular views from rolling hills were worth every bit of soreness in my quads and unhappy plantar fascia today. Here is how the week came together:

Monday:  First quality workout of the week – 6 miles, with 2 miles 8×400 (7:31, 7:13, 7:12, 7:00, 7:00, 7:00, 7:04, 7:24).   I ran more reps than last week, but speed work remains my biggest area for improvement, and I quit after pain in my hip on the 7th and 8th rep that felt like threatened injury.  This week, I hope to race a 5K for the week’s speed work, as they are more fun than 400’s and my body seems to handle a 5K better than it does the shorter intervals.

Tuesday: 7 miles recovery run on trails (9:47 pace, 140 heart rate).  Hip was sore from Monday’s run.

Wednesday AM: 8 easy miles on trails (9:37 pace, 147 heart rate).  Hip was getting better, but still sore.

Wednesday PM: 5 miles in 80 degree weather on steep trails (11:15 avg pace, 129 heart rate).  The ups and downs at a slow pace turned out to be great for helping my body recover.

training log - trail run
Photo does not do justice to the ups and downs of this trail on Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

Thursday:  Second quality workout of the week – 8 miles, with 5 at goal marathon pace (7:58 average, 167 heart rate).  First three miles felt hard, then I got my second wind and really enjoyed the last two miles and finished strong.  Felt proud at the end of this run, and much better than after the two miles of speed work on Monday.

Friday:  7 recovery miles on a new paved trail with lots of ups and downs (9:45 avg pace, 142 heart rate).  Really enjoyed this run.

Training log - Friday run

Saturday: 9 miles on trails (9:24 pace, 148 heart rate).

Sunday: 20 miles across the George Washington Bridge and up the Palisades with the New York Flyers (9:13, 149 heart rate).   Later in the season, I will need to run harder and with more miles at goal marathon pace, but this very fun run was all about time on feet, enjoying time with my team and the social brunch after the event.

Flyers long training run June 2015
Photo credit: New York Flyers


Weekly total:  70 miles!

40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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