Caper’s Training Log — Week Ending 10.4.2015


I’m in love with running in Boston! And I finally had a breakthrough in hard training this week   Here’s what happened:

Monday:  6.25 easy/recovery paced miles (10:05/142 bpm) listening to To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday AM: 8.7 miles, with 2×3 miles with 2 min rests in humid 73 degree weather.  Run turned out to be 1×3 mile (7:42/178 bpm), 1×1.4 miles (stop to puke dry heaves), 1×1.6 miles (7:42). First time in more than a year that I have pushed myself to the point of puking.  Felt satisfied with the effort and felt fine afterward.

Tuesday PM: 4 miles on treadmill (10:00 pace).

Wednesday: 6 miles easy without a watch.

Thursday:  14.2 miles, with 10 at GMP (8:03/175 bpm/57 degrees).  I ran two loops in hilly Central Park with a short water break between loops which ended up slowing my sixth mile.  I felt super excited after this confidence building run, which was better than any training run I had managed in the last marathon training cycle.

Hubby and I arrived in Boston Thursday night and stayed in a hotel near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  (I have been officially accepted to run Boston.  Yeah!)

Friday: 6.5 recovery paced miles on the Charles River in Boston.   I cut the run short after seeing heart rate spikes signaling my body telling me it needed recovery.


Saturday: 9 very easy miles on the Charles River Esplanade.  My heart rate was still high and body probably recovering from being out late with hubby and friends. Fell in love with autumn in Boston, making me wish I could do a training stint here



Also had a great time with my husband at his HBS class reunion.


Sunday: 16 miles along the Charles River (8:53 average pace) in sunny, perfect 54 degree weather  listening to Sunday gospel music and watching the Harvard crew team.  During the first four miles, I bobbed and weaved, cheered and sometimes had to walk amid huge crowds, balloons and strollers on a breast cancer walk.  I ran 12 miles at 8:20’s or faster, with two miles near GMP.  Felt strong and happy after this run.

Weekly total: 70.65 miles.

Four weeks til the NYC Marathon!

Thanks for reading.



40-something marathoner frequently found on running paths in New York and Connecticut. Running habit supported by work as attorney/law firm partner. Cheered on by husband and two children.

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  1. Ah I miss Boston in the fall!! I do NOT miss winter, but oh man fall is perfect there. fall to the first snowfall… then i’m done heheh