Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 10 with Coriander

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For the first of the Saltine fall 2017 shoe reviews, I tested the Brooks Ghost 10. It’s a neutral, everyday trainer with a 12 mm drop and plush cushioning. It’s the most recent in the long, solid Ghost line and retails for $120.

I’ve been a Saucony Kinvara runner for years, but I haven’t been happy with recent changes. New models wore out more quickly in the soles and holes came pretty easily in the forefoot (yes, I tried a bigger size, same deal). Toward the end of last winter, I got a pair of the Brooks Launch 3 on clearance from Running Warehouse and fell in love. I wore them for about 300 miles before the sole was worn out on the left heel, which is normal for me, and when I updated to the Launch 4 this summer I loved those just as much.

Since the Kinvaras I also got last spring wore out, I needed a more cushioned, easy run shoe to rotate with my Launches. Enter the Brooks Ghost!

Like clouds!

I tried the Ghost 9 last year and wasn’t in love, but thought they were a pretty solid shoe. The toe box was a little narrow for me, plus they hit a little harder and aren’t super cushioned, but are fine for an easy run or long run. So how did I like the update?

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Immediately upon running in the Ghost 10, I was in love again! I liked them tons better than the previous model.

I went up a half size in this shoe. They aren’t as narrow as the 9s and the toe box is a bit wider. I instantly noticed how plush the cushioning is! My first run was like running on clouds! Or probably what the lightweight Hokas feel like, but a much lower profile shoe.

I’ve been training for the Chicago Marathon, so I needed a shoe like the Ghost 10 to rotate in for longer efforts. They feel great for an easy five or six miles, but I’ve also done two 20+ milers in them and felt great for the entire run.

The only things I don’t love about the shoes are the weight (8.5 oz, size 8) and the color. Like I mentioned, I like more minimalist styles and these are heavier than I’m used to, which may be a trade-off for all that cushioning. I also prefer brighter colorways (like my hot pink and purple Launches) and the women’s Ghost 10 colors are in style, but a little more muted than other Brooks lines.

I fell last week and had some lingering knee pain, but the Ghosts kept my legs feeling fresh. And the cat approves!

Fresh out of the box, the Ghost 10s felt really plush and comfy. I struggled a bit with tying them; the shoelaces are a bit stretchy, which is great, but I kept tying them too tight and the top of my feet got a little sore.

I usually have trouble with my heels slipping out with all running shoes, but not these! They stayed nice and snug. With about 60-70 miles on the shoes now they still feel just as nice as day one.

I think the Ghost 10s are best for long runs. I haven’t tried them for speed workouts, but they are the perfect shoe for a recovery run the day after speed work or a long run. For their first 20 miler my feet were happy for each and every mile! And same with my 22 miler last weekend.

I give the Brooks Ghost 10s a 4.5 out of 5 snails! I would definitely buy these again!

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  1. I loved the earlier, narrower versions of Brooks Ghost! The newer, wider ones feel like clown shoes to me. I still haven’t found a suitable replacement!