While your coach may prefer that you get attention with your speedy times sometimes it is fun to make a statement with your hair. If you look spunky you may just run spunky too!

3) Don a Tiara!

Nothing says  Birthday Girl like running a marathon in a tiara!

I reserved this tactic for my 30th Birthday but many runners don a tiara or a crown and let me tell you the spectators loved it! The tiara was light weight, I had fun, and I ran pretty fast!

4) Funky Headband

While the gold headband didn’t quite garner me 1st place I sure felt like a winner wearing it!

There are so many great headband company’s for running out there. Bondi Band, Sweaty Band etc. My gold headband made a huge splash at Columbus and Boston! Hot pink’s a good headband color too.

I wore my hot pink one on Monday!

5) Au Natural!

Cinnamon is rocking the Lion’s Mane in her most recent race!

Skip the pony tail and pig tails and let that lion’s mane run free! My hair is just in that middle ground space where it is too long for the faux hawk (without some serious product) and too short for pig tails. sometimes it is fun to go sans headband and let your hair fly. It makes for exciting race photos when caught at just the right moment!

It defies gravity 😉

Bonus: Tiny Hat.

Not so aerodynamic. Image via Glamour.com

Ok. Maybe this one’s not such a great idea.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What fun things have you done with your hair for race day?