Bergamot’s Triathlon Training Log 11.20.16

It’s been one hell of a few weeks. Let’s start with that. I’m going to echo the sentiments of Pimento and Salty in this post-election funk. With a swimming injury (yes, you read that properly) in addition to the election results, I had a ROUGH few weeks. I’m training for a sprint tri on December 11, and I’m thanking my lucky stars that my fitness level is pretty good at the moment because training has been spotty this month, in terms of quantity at least. The quality of my workouts have been awesome. I’m enjoying the cycling portion of this training, and I’m hoping to keep up the momentum to chase my half goals this winter.

Let’s talk about swimming real quick. I have to realize that I am not Katie Ledecky. I swim like a bat out of hell. Does that saying even work here? I know that I could be a talented swimmer if I had proper form and breathing, but I go full throttle. Plus I’m not a great breather in the water. I’m a little claustrophobic, and I don’t like the idea of NOT fully bringing my head out of the water to breathe. So I do. And I have totally jacked up my neck and right shoulder. Can I get a collective UGH? It could be from bad posture, bad sleeping positions. I JUST DON’T KNOW.

I’m becoming less worried about my performance in this tri, thanks to Ginger’s advice about training your anxiety to be “different,” and I’m becoming VERY EXCITED about it instead. It’s silly to be worried about this because I’m doing it for fun. Since the distances are so short, I let my mind wander. Should I go full throttle? All out? Will I survive? The thing is, I know I can do it. I could do each of these events at a leisurely pace in my sleep. Except maybe the swimming part. I’d probably drown. Even though I’m doing it for fun, I still want to do my best, but I don’t want to be too hard on myself, say, if I blow the swimming or the cycling segments. I also know the swimming is totally freestyle, and the thought of me doing whatever I please is absolutely hilarious. 100 meters front stroke. 100 meters back stroke. 100 meters flopping around, who cares? Anyway for realz, I think my plan is going to be conservative for the first halves of the swimming and cycling, and then kick it up a notch after the halfway mark in each. My plan with running is to go all out, granted that my legs still function. Because running is my main.

Which is how I have felt this month. I added cycling and swimming and subtracted some running miles. When I go on long runs, it feels like reuniting with an ex. Haha!

Aight that was a lot of rambling. Here’s what’s up!

Week of 10.23
Monday- slow six with 2 at 9:00 pace. Felt really smooth!
Tuesday- 37 min run with 14 minutes of hill repeats. Plus core work.
Wednesday- off
Thursday- MILE TIME TRIAL: 6:57. I am so pumped about this. I haven’t done a time trial in forever. It was hot here- 76 degrees and I was on my period. I still DID WORK! I also did a warm up and cool down, totaling at 3.5 miles.
Saturday- 60 minute run, 60 minute bike. The run was  a bust. Just one of those days.

Week of 10.30
Sunday- 45 minutes easy run
Mon & Tues off. Two days off was not planned. I will survive!
Wednesday- 40 minute bike, 20 minute run immediately after. My legs felt so weird!!!
Thursday- 30 minute run, 35 minute swim. Fateful neck injury day. I saw dolphins! Which kind of made up for the literal pain in my neck.
Friday- 20 minute run for errands. Bwahaha.
Saturday- 70 minute run.
Sunday- Gorgeous hike in El Torcal.


Week of 11.6, aka the week all hell broke loose
Also the week I apparently did not log my workouts in my phone. I had to investigate to find these babes.
Monday- 4 easy miles.
Tuesday – 5 miles. I ran HILLS for a certain presidential candidate. It felt awesome. I even ran up the mountainside a whole minute faster than usual! It was that pre-election adrenaline.
Wednesday- And this was the post-election crash (and burn). No run. Nothing.
Thursday- I tried to bike. Made it 20 minutes (LOL). Had to put it away.
Friday- Easy 35 minutes to shake out my soulless body.
Saturday- 4.7 miles, 9:45 pace. Not sure thanks to my carelessness with logs this week, but I’m pretty sure I did 400m repeats. My memory fails me.

Week of 11.13
To remedy this hell happening in my shoulder/neck which lasted for 10 solid days, I bought some muscle relaxers and took three full days off. No running, no biking, no core work. So far, so good! By Wed. I was raring to go!
Wednesday- First day back. 40 minutes at 10:40 pace with 4×20 sec strides at 6:30. Body weight training- glutes.
Thursday- 30 minute bike ride, core work
Friday – off
Saturday – 5 mile tempo run. It was warmer than it has been. I will admit that I struggled.
Sunday- 80 minute run. ‘Twas lovely.



I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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  1. Look forward to hearing about your tri! I used to do tris before I had kids and I remember when I first “re-learned” to swim as an adult, I couldn’t understand how I could run 10K but not swim 10 metres! it’s just so different!