Bergamot’s Training Log – 2.26.17

Feliz Lunes! Or happy Monday! I’m feeling extra Spanish today after spending my Sunday in the mountains of Andalucia. I haven’t shared it here before, but here is the link to my personal blog, Mermaids of Malaga, where I write about self improvement, travel and how the two intertwine! I wrote a little re-cap of the weekend, so you can see more mountain pictures there if you’re interested!

I neglected writing a training log last weekend because I was recovering from a stomach virus that benched me for five days. It was kinda miserable and I couldn’t really eat a meal from Wed-Sun. I feel like I bounced back nicely though, so no worries! I really would have preferred to skip the fever though.

Sunday- 10 miles at 10:05 pace. This was a rainy, windy shit show, but the run itself was okay.
Monday- 7 easy miles with my running buddy/roommate.
Tuesday- 8 miles total. 5x1k. Splits were 4:37, 4:42, 4:40, 4:45, 4:39. Not the perfect progression, but hey, I’m always learning.
Wednesday-Sunday- begging for mercy. 0 miles.

Total: 25 miles

Monday- Eased back into it at 5 easy miles at 10:59 pace.
Tuesday- 6.5 miles total. 6×800. Probably rushed back into speed work a little too quickly with this run. Splits were 3:57, 3:56, 3:55, 3:52, 3:48, 3:51. I came out of the run thinking, “I can’t believe I just did that!” Which was probably a sign I shouldn’t have, judging by how my next run went.
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- 6.5 miles again, this time a failed tempo run. I planned a 1.5 warm up, 4 miles at tempo pace, and 1.5 cool down. That did not happen. The 4 mile tempo had to be split in two, and I felt like I was running through molasses. I cut the cool down to 1. It didn’t help that the humidity was 80% on a 66 degree day.
Friday- after Thursday’s blowout, I took another rest day.
Saturday- 12 miles at 9:51 pace. This was my quickest long run pace yet, so I think my rest day did some good. I’ve been taking my other runs around 10:15, but it felt too good to slow down. I did my long run on Saturday to prepare for my mountain hike on Sunday!
Sunday- cross training/hiking.

Total: 30 miles

I will admit I’m kinda sad because the week I was sick was set to be my highest mileage week yet, and I was excited to hit those numbers. I didn’t want to overdo it last week either since I wasn’t feeling so chipper. Hopefully this week I will be back on track! See you next week!

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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