Bergamot’s Recovery Log, 12.27.15

Happy Monday, Salties! I started the day off by dropping my phone on my face while lying in bed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a holiday hangover for sure! It was a good weekend to have an injury because ABC Family hosted their annual post-holiday Harry Potter Weekend. I planted my fractured butt (actually fractured heel, but you get it) on my grandma’s couch and ate ice cream, cookies, and candy canes for three days.

This has been my second official week in the walking boot, and my fourth week of my hiatus from running. It feels like an eternity. Let me repeat that. It’s. Been. A. Month. Since I’ve been running!!!! Ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuu—dge. I had to add A Christmas Story reference for good measure.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned previously in my training logs that in 2016 I will be an au pair in Spain for 6 months. Getting the visa has been a real pain in the rear. I can’t tell what is worse; anxiety from visa documentation or actual, physical pain in my calcaneus. It’s a toss-up! So that’s how my December has been so far.

My mom got me some fly new tights!
My mom got me some fly new tights!

On Monday (12/21) my friend and sole mate, Katie, and I drove to Chicago so that I couldย visit the consulate there. It did not go according to plan, and I hobbled around the city all day. We ended up covering six miles by the time we hit the road home. This was d-u-m-b on my part. I couldn’t exactly help the fact that I needed to run around, but I probably should have planned better. I was in so much pain when we left. I noticed swelling in my foot the next day, so I decided to surrender to the help of my crutches. On a better note, Katieย gave me theย Believe Training Journal for Christmas! I can’t wait until I’m recovered to use this baby! She had a stress fracture in her hip over the summer, and now I can truly empathize with her.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to work, and did nothing spectacular. I took the stairs occasionally, but really tried to let my foot rest. (I only work in a two-story building FYI)

Wednesday evening I went home for Christmas, and there I was harassed by my family whenever I was caught without my crutches.

This was me every time a family member asked where my crutches were.
This was me every time a family member asked where my crutches were.

Thursday, Christmas Eve, I got to play flute and sing at a couple churches in my hometown. Christmas Eve is my all-time-favorite night of the year, musically. I consider musical performances to be a workout. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My baby Maggie on Christmas Eve. Hating my guts at that moment.
My baby Maggie on Christmas Eve. Hating my guts at that moment.

On Friday-Sundayย I was worthless, gluing myself to the television (a rarity). But I also read a whole book, so that makes up for the other brainless activity. I read The Vacationers by Emma Straub. It was a quick, entertaining read! Saturday evening I did some core work with my feet propped up on the couch, so that there was no pressure on my heel. My catย supervised the workout on the couch next to my feet.

Maggie supervised from her new leopard-print bed.
Maggie supervised from her new leopard-print bed.

My doctor is concerned that my vegetarian diet may have escalated the injury since I had not been taking any supplements. Since being diagnosed, I started taking a vitamin D/calcium supplement and a multivitamin. Does anyone have any recommendations for types of supplements that work for them as runners and vegetarians? Thanks in advance!

I have been pondering recovery pros and cons, since I will be in Spain when I am able to begin running again.

Recovery pros:ย 

I have Salty Running and its wise, experienced runners and writers to help me through recovery!

Malaga, Spain has a low altitude, so running will feel easier when I start to train again. In March.

I will have access to an ocean and my host-parent’s pool for cross-training. I’ve been wanting to try a sprint tri, so maybe this whole swimming thing will work out in the end.

Being a student, I will have free access to a gym, so I can weight-train and cross-train there too.

I should have some serious guns when I’m done with these crutches.

Time off has helped me to reevaluate my 2016 goals, on and off the road.

Recovery cons:

Since southern Spain has a lower altitude, running will feel harder when I come home in mid-summer. (BUT that’s far away, and I’m concerned about immediate recovery)

I probably won’t be able to swing my host-city’s half marathon in April. ๐Ÿ™ I’ll have to scope out some half marathons later in the year in other cities, or maybe simply run a 5-10k in my host-city.

Even though I feel like I’m losing my mind, I’m still positive! Reading everyone’s training logs makes me feel like I am training vicariously through them. Plus the logs give me a good handle on what I need to do when I’m back up to speed.

Have a healthy, happy week, ya’ll!ย ยกQue tengas una buena semana!

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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  1. I think it is so awesome you will be an Au Pair in Spain for 6 months! definitely something to look forward to, and seriously awesome new training grounds- in the pool or ocean, gym or when you can hit the roads again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Christmas Vacation is the best movie. A+ reference.

    1. Thanks! I agree, I think training of any type there will be fabulous. I’m glad you got the reference lol! I thought it was hilarious, and my family was like… -_-

  2. So exciting! And you should totally train for a sprint tri! I gravitate toward tri’s when I’m injured and have found that swimming and biking are shockingly transferable to running fitness!

  3. I’ve been to Malaga – it’s soooo beautiful there. You will love it! And I can’t wait to revisit the city vicariously through your posts. I think you’re being so positive about your time off. I know an injury and forced time off running can be maddening but you’re going to be back before long – hang in there!