Bergamot’s Recovery Log and Boot Report – 1.10.16

Last week I listed my ultimate 2016 countdown, which included single digits until I was supposed to be out of my orthopedic boot. Yeah, that was incorrect. On the anniversary of my four-week mark in the boot, I messaged my sports medicine doctor through a handy app for health care workers and patients, and asked him about my foot freedom. He wanted to schedule another exam, which is understandable, but naturally he isn’t available for another 8 days. 8. days. At that appointment we can discuss “weaning” myself out of the boot and cross-training. I am salty. It’s not his fault, but I was naive and under the impression that after these torturous four weeks, I would be totally free from the clutches of this boot monster.

I have improved in it though. At first, the boot really weighed me down and seemed totally unmanageable. The moment I put it on I announced loudly that I hated it. Over the last few weeks I’ve grown a little stronger and I can walk efficiently and almost smoothly, unlike my Frankenstein-like gait I began with five weeks ago. My biggest complaint about the boot is that it is so large and thick that despite all the shoes I own, I can’t find one to even out my height with the boot. I’ve found a knee boot and a combat boot that is this close to making it even. I’m so tired of wearing the same shoes. Plus this sucker makes me at least 6′ tall, so at least I finally achieved that dream hahaha! I am normally 5’8″, and I have no casual shoes that balance my leg length. I even tried a high heel during New Year’s Eve, but alas, the heel was too tall. This imbalance kills my knees and lower back. I miss my flat shoes so much!

One of my flaws (but also a strength LOL) is internet research, and I read that if you can walk pain-free in the boot, you can start the weaning process. The most common process shows that the patient continues to wear the boot during the day, during their busiest hours, and then they remove the boot in the evening, starting at approximately one hour a day. I made up my own plan since I am pain free!

FYI I think “wean” is such a gross word, but I’m about to use it a million times.

Monday – 2 mile walk in the boot. This is sadly more movement than I’ve done in weeks, but it felt nice to get out!

Tuesday – I did hours of overdue housework in the boot which is completely tedious, hence all the overdue housework. By the end of the evening the ball of my foot was hurting from being in the boot so long. This is common. I can’t cook or bake, or spend much time standing around without the ball of my foot just throbbing. Reason 488639 that I’m ready to be out of this thing!

Wednesday – Day 1 wean. Boot at work, no boot at home, 5:30-7:30pm. (I was on the couch writing during most of this time!)

Thursday – Day 2 wean. Out of boot from 12-12:30pm and 6-8pm. Best friend arrived this evening for a weekend of fun, food, and mischief. Celebrated a friend’s birthday at a fun Polynesian themed restaurant, where I went boot-free.

Friday – Day 3 wean. Boot at work, no boot in the evening, 7-11pm. Another night of celebration.

Saturday – Day 4 wean. Best friend visited all weekend and we ran around topiary gardens, movie theaters, and art museums. I wore my boot during all these activities, and took it off for evening adventures at a fun German restaurant, 6-10pm.

Sunday – Day 5 wean. Farewell brunch with best friend. This was tough because she lives in Boston, and will be going back to Harvard next week. I’ll leave for Spain in two. Meaning this was my last time seeing her until July+. I wore the boot to brunch and run errands, and took it off at home from 4pm-8pm.

Cross training is within reach, and I’m dreaming of the day I can run again. Thankfully my 2016 travel plans have been a great distraction. In my next post I’ll talk about how I’m packing running clothes for European travel!

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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  1. I’ve never read the word “wean” so many times in one sitting. I’m happy to hear that you’re on the mend and being smart about the weaning process!