BayLeaf’s Training Log: 8.6.18 – 8.12-18

Wrapping up week two of mile training means only four weeks until race day. I’m nervous. Excited. Worried. You know. The weather has been brutal: hot, humid, rain. I’m ready for fall. I also found my foam roller and am trying to do five minutes a day. Ouch. But also, yes.ย 

Monday, August 6
4 miles, 4x30s hill, 4x45s hill, 8:54 average
Started at 60 percent effort and worked up to 90 percent by the end.

Tuesday, August 7
5 miles, 8:37 average
Shakeout with Steph. It’s definitely way slower for her easy run, but I’m grateful for the company.

Wednesday, August 8
5 miles, 15 minutes tempo, 8:10 average
Have I mentioned I hate tempo runs? This seemed to be a fairly good one though. The pace seems slow but the effort seems to be on point. So I guess that’s a win. Hard to ditch the numbers though.

Wednesday, August 8
3 miles, 9:40 average
Took the stroller out for a breakfast run, where a retired judge who won half a billion in the lottery a few years ago, treated the whole diner to breakfast. He just asked that people pass it on. Then we ran to the farmers market and home again.

Friday, August 10
7 miles,ย 10 min tempo+4×200, 4×300 at Mile, 8:07 average
As much as I hate tempos, I love the speed work at the end. Coach Nick was right: the 200s would feel comfortable, and the 300s hard.

41, 40, 43, 40, 62, 59, 60, 61

(And my friend Sarah has done it again with this well-rounded track tee.)

Saturday, August 11
10 miles, 8:23 average
A friend of mine is moving so we got in one more long run together. We almost missed the monsoon. But it hit with about 1.5 miles to go. It was kind of nice, actually since most of the run was done. I picked it up the last mile (7:46) and despite my legs being covered in poison ivy (and hydrocortisone cream and rain) it felt great.

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