BayLeaf’s Training Log: 8.13.18 – 8.19.18

Modified my training this week to accommodate for the Falmouth Road Race. We made it a family weekend to celebrate the little man’s first birthday. But of course, Mama had to run. The Fifth Ave Mile is three weeks way. Help.

Monday, August 13
4 miles, 8xHill, 9:20 average
Hills are getting harder. These were 45 seconds and started at 60 percent effort. By the time I finished I had to be at max effort. I was.

Tuesday, August 14
5 miles, 8:25 average
Easy shakeout.

Wednesday, August 15
7 miles, 10 minutes tempo, 8×300, 8:04 average
Because of the upcoming race on Sunday, Coach Nick Willis told me to run Monday’s and Wednesday’s workouts and to go easy or rest the rest of the week. But because Wednesday’s workout was a 15-minute tempo run with no track work and Friday’s was 10 minutes with track work, I moved Friday’s workout to Wednesday.

I ran the tempo on the track, which made it so much easier. Obviously, it was flat and I didn’t have to stop to navigate traffic or bumpy sidewalks. I was able to maintain a 6:17 pace (which is about a minute faster than I do on the roads), but it still felt like 75 or 80 percent effort. Then I ran 8×300 at mile pace.

60, 61, 61, 60, 61, 59, 60, 58


Saturday, August 18
3 miles, 8:24 average
Managed to get in a few easy miles with my husband while we were down the Cape for the Falmouth Road Race.

Sunday, August 19
Falmouth Road Race, 7 miles, 46:48
I’ll start by saying the weather was not beach weather. But it was racing weather. It was high 60s and overcast at the start. Humid but still, pretty cool. There was a headwind, but it’s better than the heat. The past two times I’ve run this race it’s at least in the 80s under the blistering sun with no cover. And it’s a hard course. Very hilly. So with the weather, I was hoping to target 7-minute miles. I thought that’d serve well as a tempo run.

I talked to Frank Shorter and Des Linden at the start.

I didn’t have much pressure on myself. I decided to go out and see what I could do. The first mile, 6:41. I thought, huh, that’s pretty good. Doubt I can hold it, but I’ll try. The second, 6:33. Still feeling good. Then a 6:37, 6:43. The headwind was brutal but I tucked in behind someone, which may have helped a bit. A 6:39. With two miles to go, I was still feeling really strong. I ditched the small group I was running with. My legs felt a little heavy but not too bad, and my breathing felt great. Another 6:39. At this point, I just wanted to run sub 7s. With a mile to go, I knew there was a big hill right before the finish. I surged carefully. I charged up the final hill, felt a little lightheaded at the top so pulled back a bit; I forgot the finish isn’t for another few hundred hards after the final hill.

But then I surged again right before the finish: 6:24.

I felt amazing. I didn’t realize Des Linden, who was running casually, was right there when I finished (see below).

My legs were in rough shape on the seven-mile bike ride back, but hey.

Still riding high.

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