BayLeaf’s Training Log: 7.9.18 – 7.15.18

Not a hugely impressive week, but not bad either.ย 

Monday, July 9
4.5 miles, 8xHill, 8:27 average
I took a friend on my hill workout; she’s a good deal faster than I am (1:25 half PR to my 1:34), but she never runs hill workouts. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly proud of myself for being comfortably ahead during the repeats. I love hills; they’re speedwork in disguise. I just have to get better at downhill running.

Monday, July 9
1.13 mile, 10:15 average
Took the stroller to get a cold brew coffee and then walked back. Because summer.

Wednesday, July 11
5K, 20:23, 6:35 average
This month’s free 5K in the park was a lot hotter than the sub-20 I ran back in June. I lined up knowing a sub-20 was probably not in the cards given the temps and I didn’t want to overdo it. The race had a lot of high schoolers because they had a chance to win scholarship money so I knew I wasn’t going to finish top three women either. Not that giving it my all isn’t my first priority. But given these two factors, with the heat, I thought, okay, push and run hard but don’t kill yourself. I ran a 20:23 and came in fifth for women. I like to think I helped push an 18-year-old girl to run a strong kick at the end. She was gaining on me in the final stretch and as she passed me I told her to push hard and to go catch the guy in front. She finished in 20:08.

Thursday, July 12
6 miles, 8:36 average
I tweaked something in my groin or hip at the 5K so this run was a little creaky. But it was good to shake out, and I went from a 9:06 first mile to 8:04 fifth mile (and finished with an 8:24).

Saturday, July 14
5 miles, 9:56 average
No long run for me this week. But I did run the Belmar 5 with my Runner’s World RunSquad. We’ve been planning this reunion since we all started moving away and leaving Runner’s World last year. One runner had a baby five months ago, another is just getting back into running after a brief hiatus, one is marathon training, and the other is slower than the rest of the group. I was just happy to be with friends. It was so much fun, and we took in the ocean sights and didn’t exert ourselves…like at all. And then we hung out at the beach. Which was the best part.

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