BayLeaf’s Training Log: 7.30.18 – 8.5.18

This is week one of my six-week mile training “boot camp,” as my coach, Nick Willis, calls it. Yes, that Nick Willis. He offers a six-week training program for just $72 (which I think is pretty reasonable given you can message him and he gets back to you right away). The plan is somewhat customized based on your mile time trial, but I didn’t give him my goal race time or tell him what I’d been doing on my own (30-mile weeks, a long run, a hill workout, a track workout, and an easy run), so I think some of it’s plug-n-play.

That said, stay tuned for a post after my September race about a) the race b) how it was working with a coach for the first time.

Monday, July 30
4 miles, 8×30 second hill, 8:53 average
When I run my normal hill workout it’s 8xHill and each one is 58-65 seconds (I run two different hills, so one is slightly longer). I thought this workout would be a lot easier because it was about half the time. But, it wasn’t that much easier because you had to progress so the effort went from 50% to 80% by the end.

Oh, and per coach’s instruction, I did a real warmup and cooldown.

Monday, July 30
2 miles, 9:38 average
Took the stroller out for a few easy miles.

Tuesday, July 31
4 miles, 8:29 average
Plan called for 3 to 5 easy, so I split the difference given the extra stroller miles the day before and the extra strollerย race miles on Wednesday. (See below)

Wednesday, August 1
4 miles, 10 minutes tempo, 8:34 average
I hate tempo runs. I am never sure how I’m supposed to run them. This plan calls for effort, but pace wise, it should be about 6:50. But then heat and hills and traffic. So I suck at these things.

Wednesday, August 1
Stroller 5K, 25:51, 8:15 average
It was hot. Hot. Hot. But I already knew I wasn’t going to race the 5K this month because a) I’m training for the mile b) I wanted to push the little man for one of these Summer Series races. I got my husband to join, and was pleasantly surprised when he said he’d not only come, but he’d run, too! I ran a little more than half the race with the stroller. I ran the first mile and change (up the first two hills), and because we were trying to pass people (sorry), it was a slow mile (9:26).

But then Jeff took over, and of course, despite all of my training (and running with the stroller) he pushed the pace (having not run in awhile and never run with the stroller) and he took us over the last big hill. I was able to open up my stride without the stroller and I felt good.

After the hill, I took the stroller back for the last .75 miles or so. And then Jeff did a cute thing. With about .2 to go, he also took the stroller so we could finish as a family. But he didn’t understand that he can’t just sprint with it (I don’t lock the front tire because who really runs in one straight line?) and twice he almost capsized the stroller. So. We finished and it was so much fun. Finn loved it, although he did huck a pacifier somewhere along the way.

Friday, August 3
6.5 miles, 10 minutes tempo, 8×200 at 80% effort, 8:23 average
Let me just say I hate tempo runs. Did I say that already? But at least after this one I got to get on the track! (No sarcasm) I got off to a late start due to childcare, so I was really up against the late-morning heat and humidity. The tempo was fine, I guess. But the 200s were great.

41, 43, 42, 43, 43, 43, 44, 39

Saturday, August 4
5 miles, 9:17 average
So my training plan calls for shorter long runs at first (5 to 8 for the first few weeks). But I regularly run 10 on the weekend, so that’s my plan. Except for this day because I was flying solo so in order to get a run in had to bring the stroller. And I did not want to run 10 with it. So we did 5, which forced me to slow down, but I still worked harder than probably a sans stroller faster run, because pushing. Hey, better than nothing, right?

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