BayLeaf’s Training Log: 7.16.18 – 7.22.18

If I’m scheduled to run (either on a training plan or, as of late, following my own running schedule), I run. Weather be damned. Tiredness be damned. But this week I took a day off because I got my haircut (see above) on a rest day and didn’t want to mess it up less than 24 hours later. So.ย 

Monday, July 16
6 miles, 6 all-out strides, 8:01 average
Looking at my Strava log, I am doubting I did six strides (I normally do four or five), and maybe I mistyped. In any case, that’s what it says. My usual 5.5 miler plus a handful of all-out strides (versus 80 percent effort). I normally do a speed or hill workout on Mondays but just wasn’t in the mood for it.

Thursday, July 19
4.5 miles,ย 3×500 at Mile, 300 at 800 (300 recovery after the 500, 500 recovery after each set), 8:27 average
I died a little during this workout. And that made me start to doubt my 5:30 mile goal on September 9. But all I can do is train and run my best and hardest. And not get caught up in the mental battle.

1:44, 57, 1:42, 59, 1:45, 60

I slowed, but was still sub 5:37 (which is my PR). This was a hard AF workout.

Thursday, July 19
5.5 miles, 9:04 average
It was nice out, so the little man and I headed down to the greenway for a few miles so I could hit 10 for the day.

Friday, July 20
4 miles, 8:51 average
Because I took Wednesday off for my haircut I wanted to make up for it on Friday. I set out to run four but then wanted to settle at three, but when I did the quick mental math (factoring in the next day’s long run), if I ran just three, I’d be at 29 for the week. A round 30 sounded good. So I gutted it out for four, slowly.

Saturday, July 21
10 miles, 8:26 average
No tempo miles today. Just an old-fashioned slow 10.

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