BayLeaf’s Training Log: 6.25.18 – 7.1.18

As of this writing, I’ve taken two days off, and it was looking like three or even four, but I think I’m going out for a quick 5-miler after dinner tonight when, maybe, the temps cool a little bit. We spent the last few days in the Poconos with college friends for a reunion, kids included. Normally I bring my running gear when I travel, but between the temps and not knowing the area (turns out there were lots of runnable roads), I decided to leave my stuff at home. And it was a nice break. But it’ll be nicer knowing I won’t go three or four days without running. You know. 

Monday, June 25
6 miles, 8:23 average
Nothing too exciting. I called this “Case of the Mondays” on Strava.

Monday, June 25
4 miles, 9:14 average
No plans, which means stroller miles! I figured, what’s another 4 miles to round up to 10 for the day. The last one was 8:50, if I may boast a little.

Wednesday, June 27
7 miles, 400-800-1200-1600 at 10K, 1200-800-400 at 5K, 200 rec, 7:38 average
I haven’t done a ladder in years. I’ve done the “chute” plenty of times (1600, 1200, 800, 400 and tie it all together with a quick 200). But I figured it’s finally time to stop making excuses and do the whole damn chutes and ladders workout.

I targeted 10K pace for the first half, dropping to 5K halfway through the 1600. Instead of the usual 400 recovery, I dropped it to 200 (for time-saving purposes), but did run a 400 after the 1600.

1:41, 3:19, 5:02, 6:38, 4:43, 3:07, 87

I’m pretty pleased. I struggled in first half of the workout, wondering how I’d hit the paces for the 5K, but I did it. And for the last 400, I picked it up, “just to see.”

Wednesday, June 27
3 miles, 9:45 average
I was meeting a friend and her daughter at the farmers market so figured, what’s another three miles to round up to 10 for the day? (Being home and having this as an option is a blessing and a curse.) So we ran to and from the market for another three.

Friday, June 29
10 miles, 8:28 average
Before leaving for our vacation, I wanted to get my long run in. It was hot AF, even at 7 a.m. But it was enjoyable overall, and over three days, I logged 30 miles (one of my highest weeks as of late).

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