BayLeaf’s Training Log: 6.11.18 – 6.17.18

Can we talk about that gorgeous spring (but almost fall-like) morning weather? I had to restrain myself from running every day this week. 

Monday, June 11
3 miles, Mile time trial, 8:02 average
My big post-baby goal race is the Fifth Ave Mile in September. It’ll mark just about 13 months after my kiddo was born, and it’s what I’m working toward. I signed up for Nick Willis’ Miler Method, and in order to create a somewhat custom plan, he requires a mile time trial. *sweats* I was so nervous and I haven’t raced a mile on the track in a few years, and that was a disaster.

After a mile warm up, I took off.

400: 83 (the fastest since I was training for the 5K in the summer of 2016)
800: 2:55 (I couldn’t believe it!)
1200: 4:30 (after some quick math I was shocked, and miffed, that I’d fallen off so much. I didn’t feel like I had.)
1609: 5:58

So I was pleased, overall. A sub-6 mile without mile training for almost two years is respectable. But then I started kicking myself. I was on a 5:30 pace (my goal for the race) for the first half of the trial. And then I ran a 95 quarter and an 88. I didn’t feel like I’d slowed down that much, and I didn’t feel dead at the end. I could have gone faster. Well, I guess on September 8, I will.

Wednesday, June 13
6 miles, 8:15 average
No frills. No hill repeats. No strides. Just six miles, testing the Nike React. (Not bad, actually. I haven’t run in Nike since high school. They’re generally too narrow and too squishy.)

Thursday, June 14
5 miles, 4×800 at 10K, 3×300 at Mile, 7:51 average
I should have done the full workout of 6×800, but it was Jeff’s birthday and I wanted to make him breakfast so I cut it short by two repeats. But I cut the 300 recovery down from a 300 to a 100-meter walk.

3:27, 3:26, 3:25, 3:22, 61, 61, 61


Thursday, June 14
5 miles, 9:00 average
It was gorgeous out and the little man and I had no plans until later in the day, so I popped him in the stroller to check out the bike/run bath on the South Side of the city. We ended up running five. So a total of 10 for me. Unexpected, but I’ll take it! The little man fell asleep two minutes before we got back, of course. All that running is hard work.

Friday, June 15
3 miles, 8:10 average
I had to get my oil changed so I did a quick run to and from the car place. My nanny said she’d drive me; she hasn’t quite figured out I’ll run just about anywhere.

Saturday, June 16
10 miles, 8:18 average
I was pretty tired from Thursday’s speed + stroller miles, but I really wanted to get a long run in. The weather was gorgeous. High of 53 when I went out. Felt good overall. And saw a bunch of baby geese, so that was cute.

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