BayLeaf’s Training Log: 5.7.18 – 5.13.18

I spent the week at home with my parents so wasn’t really able to get many solo runs in; timing made it so I had to take the little guy with me, which was pretty fun, but not quality miles in terms of training.

Monday, May 7
3 miles, 9:20 average
I broke out the jogger stroller and ran with my kiddo while my mom rode her bike with the dog in the front basket. We ran to get coffee and ran back. Normally I don’t run the day after a half or full marathon, so this was a nice little shakeout. Aren’t we adorable?

Tuesday, May 8
20 minutes swimming
3 miles, 7:22 average
I swam at my mom’s pool, the first time I’ve done laps since four days before the little man was born. Man, that felt amazing. But I also wanted to run.

My mom took the kiddo out to the playground so I could get a few miles in. I ended up running to the playground and driving back so my mom could walk the baby home. Quick miles, felt good.

Wednesday, May 9, Part I
3.5 miles, 8:08 average
I got a few miles in for myself before adding some in with the stroller.

Wednesday, May 9, Part II
3 miles, 9:10 average
I wanted to get in more than just 3.5, so when I got back from my run, I took the stroller to get coffee and then my mom and the pup showed up on the bike for a motley crew run back. (We spotted the May issue of Runner’s World at the grocery store, in which the little guy makes a rare appearance.)

Friday, May 11, Part I
3 miles, 8:35 average
I’m getting better at this whole stroller running thing! Got out for three miles and evidently picked it up.

Friday, May 11, Part II
2 miles, 8:09 average
I didn’t get to the track while I was home, so after my stroller run, I did 4xhill repeat up my parents’ street, which is a quarter mile. Pleased with the effort and overall mileage for the day.

Saturday, May 12
3.5 miles, 8:18 average
Not sure why the “correct distance” on Strava said this was 1.5 miles… I wanted to get out for a long run, but timing just didn’t work out. Jeff and I were able to get out for a few miles; something we haven’t done in a year.

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