BayLeaf’s Training Log: 5.21.18 – 5.28.18

You get a double-header because I apparently did not hit “publish” on my log last week. And just did so this (Monday) afternoon, a week late. I blame the new responsibility of being allowed to hit “publish.” In any case! This past week was pretty good: efforts and mileage. Not as many stroller runs, but we have time.ย 

Monday, May 21
4 miles, 8:40 average
Today was just a stroller-errand-running kind of day. The little man and I took off to buy some bourbon-barrel-roasted coffee beans from a local coffee shop to send to Des Linden as a belated Boston Marathon victory gift. She loves her coffee and her whiskey. From there, we sped off to the post office, which had welcome air conditioning. And upon seeing I was just under four miles, we took a jog around the block. Productive, longer-than-expected, and the little man loved it.

Wednesday, May 23
5.5 miles,ย 4×400 at 5K, 1 mile at tempo, 4×400, with 75 second jog recovery, 7:40 average
I was so excited to try this workout, which came from Tracksmith. It was a good kind of hard. I wasn’t bent over but I was tired, and the second set of 400s was definitely challenging. I need to do more tempo work even though I don’t have a marathon planned (maybe ever again). Tempo work is hard. But effective.

95, 93, 95, 93, 7:10, 97, 94, 97, 93

Pleased overall. I think the tempo mile could have (or should have) been closer to 7 minutes, though.

Thursday, May 24
6 miles, 8:16 average
Being the good wife* that I am, I ran to the mechanic to pick up Jeff’s car. The first half was on my normal six-mile route, and the second half was a nice change of scenery.

*This is facetious because while I did Jeff a favor, I got to get my run in.

Saturday, May 26
10 miles, 9:01 average
My good friend has been slowly increasing her mileage after having a baby in February (six months and one day after my little guy was born. They’ll be best friends.) We agreed to one loop of the Parkway, which is six miles, at about a 9:30 pace. I hadn’t gotten in a long run in a few weeks, so I went earlier to get in four miles (average 8:35) before meeting up with my friend and another mom friend. We ended up running faster than she’d expected to be able to (especially in the heat and humidity): 9:17 average. Felt great to get out there with her again and get 10 miles back on my log.

**That photo is just for kicks. It’s not my running stroller, but he did sport that bib for a walk around the neighborhood.**

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