BayLeaf’s Training Log: 4.9.18 – 4.15.18

A good week. I can’t complain. A little FOMO not being up in Boston this weekend (the first time in five years). Runner’s World wanted me to go up and work, but I’ll be in Big Sur in a few weeks and with the move and the kiddo, it was just too much. The weather is supposed to suck, but I’d still prefer cold and wet to the heat.

Monday, April 9
3 miles, 8:27 average
I needed to do something to shake out my hilly 20K legs. A short, slow three-miler with my friend and coworker was just the ticket.

Wednesday, April 11
6 miles, 8:24 average
Unintentionally ran negative splits: 8:45, 8:36, 8:26, 8:17, 8:10, 8:11. So that’s always nice. Spent the miles contemplating some personal stuff and needed to decompress.

Thursday, April 12
5.8, 6×800 at 5K pace, 7:26 average
I forgot how brutal 800 repeats can be. I was targeting a 20-and-change 5K (after my 5K performance a few weeks ago). I wasn’t hitting exactly what I wanted, and I reminded myself that was okay.

3:17, 3:14, 3:16, 3:16, 3:15, 3:11

Although, given that last repeat at 3:11, I probably had some more juice in me for the first five.

Saturday, April 14
10 miles, 8:27 average
I call this run: “Summer Runnin’ Happened So Faaaast.” That heat! I ran with a friend, which helped passed the warm miles. It was good to run long again since I’ve had some hectic weekends that didn’t make it possible.

I also wanted to take a moment to remember those affected by April 15, 2013. #BostonStrong

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