BayLeaf’s Training Log: 4.16.18 – 4.22.18

A pretty solid mileage week (25 and change) and very excited about spring. I’m testing new shoes for work (always fun!) and I think I found my new trainer: Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 7. I haven’t run in Adidas in ages, but man… these are something else.

Monday, April 16
3 miles, 8xHill, 8:40 average
Man, was I glad not to be running Boston. But I did get out for some rainy, windy hills. I used to live on a hill, but now I live near one. So I ran to my old street for four hill repeats and then to the new hill for another four. Solid.

Wednesday, April 18
5 miles, 8:43 average
Much needed slow catchup session with a few coworkers. And boy did it warm up.

Thursday, April 19
6 miles, 3x2K at HMP progression, 7:17 average
So this workout called for four repeats or three but each one 15 seconds faster. I planned to do four but I was running late. It was too late in the workout to drop by 15 seconds per repeat by the time I realized I’d have to cut it short, but I was still able to progress down. For half marathon and slightly faster, this was heavy on the legs. But I liked it.

8:59, 8:50, 8:45

Saturday, April 21
10 miles, 8:25 average
Gorgeous spring morning (long sleeves, shorts, gloves!). Easy and my first run in the new Adidas. Ballsy, I know, to try them on a 10-miler for my first run. But I had faith.

Sunday, April 22
1 mile, 8:43
I took the little guy to cheer on the St. Luke’s Half Marathon. And then, I was finally able to break out the jogger stroller (Thule Urban Glide). Boy, was that fun. A little tough on the arms, but fun. The kiddo loved it, and I have new summer plans: After my morning workouts, I’ll come back for the little guy, eat, and then pop him in for some easy cruising miles.

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  1. Your dedication to getting hill repeats in always reminds me I need to be better about it, thank you for that!

    Yay for stroller run! I’m so excited and was able to get out the other day with Hannah as well. Like you, I’m thinking of the summer when I can tack on some more miles with her before or after other runs.