BayLeaf’s Training Log: 3.12.18 – 3.18.18

*Pats self on back* I’ve been really really good at doing my pelvic floor exercises every day. I try to do them right after my runs, but sometimes I need to sneak them in before bed. I’m treating the dreaded (but under-diagnosed) diastasis recti. About three weeks ago I went to my pelvic floor physical therapist to see how much damage the little guy did. Let’s say, there was a good amount of work to be done to close up the connective tissue just above my belly button (she was able to stick five fingers in between my abs).

I followed the exercises she gave me religiously, and less than three weeks later, the DR was almost gone. I go back tomorrow with high hopes.

On to my week of running! It was a low mileage week as I geared up for that “fun” 5K I was sort of training for. You’ll have to read the whole log, or you know, scroll to the bottom, to find out how that race went.

Monday, March 12
4 miles, 8:48 average
Oh right, Daylight Saving means dark at 6 a.m. But the Steel Stacks skyline next to the moon was beautiful. Easy, no-frills.

Wednesday, March 14
6 miles, 2x strides, 8:35 average
An easy six used to be no big thing before work. But now, with the kiddo, it definitely butts up against the morning chaos. But I try to get one in at least every other week. And adding just two strides was great for a little quick turnover before finishing up.

Friday, March 16
3.5 miles, 6×300 at 5K, 100 jog recovery, 7:49 average
I looked up the last speed workout I did before my first sub-20 5K in the fall of 2016. I added two more 300 reps because they were going to be slower (targeting 20:30 pace).

74, 74, 72, 74, 71, 70

I was very pleased with the effort. They didn’t feel too hard and I felt strongly I could hit a 20:30 in the race.

Sunday, March 18
Note: Normally I like to do a pre-race shakeout the day before but we had a hectic Saturday so I went into the 5K on fresh legs. Ha!

5K, 20:05, 6:28 average

Welp. I am pleased, to say the least. I was targeting a 20:30. The first mile was way too fast (6:19). And I subsequently ran positive splits (6:31, 6:39). Ah, well. When I passed my cheer squad, my new-mom friend said I was “second woman.” Great! Wasn’t expecting that! Then when I passed them

Yes, his shirt says, “My Mom is Fast AF.”

again, she said “Still second woman but third is closing in on you.”

Ughhh I wish she hadn’t said that because now my competitiveness was kicking in. So I surged. And surged again, trying to hold it. On the last turn, I peered over my right shoulder and saw she was a few steps behind me. Ugh, fine. I mustered everything I had (noticing that I was pretty close to breaking 20) and let loose on the final stretch.

I finished several seconds ahead, bent over, but stoked. I didn’t come in under 20, which I didn’t think was even possible right now, but finished in 20:05. So, way better than I’d imagined.

And the best part? Seeing Jeff and the little man twice on the course and at the finish. But he was hungry so we didn’t stick around for the awards ceremony. (Don’t worry, they’ll mail me my cash money.)

Runner's World editor by day, mom by night (and day, let's be honest). Sub-20 5K, seven-time marathoner, track-workout lover. Always in search of a great burger.

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  1. Congrats on the 5k, seriously blew your goal out of the water. Those hills and speedwork clearly paying off. Also totally agree, seeing our little one at finish….nothing quite like it and adds a whole new fun and wonderful element to getting out and racing!