BayLeaf’s Training Log – 2/15/18 – 2/18/18

Short training log so I can reset for a Sunday update moving forward. This was my longest mileage week (2.11-2.18) in…a very long time (28 miles). I’ve slowly been ramping up my weekly mileage and adding more speed work, trying to be smart with my postpartum running.

Starting from myย last logย I had a really strong few days.

Thursday, Feb. 15
4 miles, 8×300 at mile pace, with 100 walk recovery, average 8:22
60, 60, 60, 60, 61, 61, 61, 61
I’ve been doing 5K-pace workouts, so I was really nervous and anxious. I wanted to target a 5:45 – 5:50 pace, which would put me at about 65-second splits. I ran with a friend who’s a good deal faster than I am. I let her go out in front and I clocked in at 60 for the first rep. I knew that was not sustainable. But then I clocked 60 for the second and the third and the fourth. It hurt. And I knew I’d start slowing way down. But the back half were just one second slower, and all were consistent. When I did the math I realized I was logging a 5:27 pace. No, I don’t think I could hold that for a mile (yet!) but I was really really happy, and this was a huge confidence boost.

Friday, Feb. 16
3 miles, 8:37 average
I needed a shakeout, badly, after the 300s. I took it super easy and forgot how good a slooooow run was.

Sunday, Feb. 18
11 miles, 9:28 average
Normally I run long on Saturdays but my best friend (from high school track and cross country!) was in town and we wanted to get in a long run together. She’s been running by heart rate, so we took to the snowy tow path and I followed her lead. Because we were on snow, the super slow pace felt a lot harder. The pace was more than a minute slower than my long runs usually are, but it was good to just take things in strideโ€”literally.

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  1. 5:27’s?! Blazing! Definitely confidence boosting, and I’m glad you said YET because you certainly can do that for a mile, no doubt in my mind.