Basil’s Training Log – Hanson’s Week 12 & 13

The Alaskan way to simulate race day adrenaline: have a bull moose and his bro stare you down and then tail you for a mile.
The Alaskan way to simulate race day adrenaline: have a bull moose and his bro stare you down and then tail you for a mile.

One of the principles underlying Hanson’s marathon training is cumulative fatigue. I may have mentioned that before? Anyway. YOU GUYS. The fatigue is most definitely accumulating right now. I used to think that 16 miles would never be enough of a long run to adequately prepare me. But 16 miles on legs that feel like they’ve already run 10 miles? That pretty much sums up the marathon.

I’m now less than 5 weeks out from the Kenai River Marathon, and the closer I get, the more I realize that I never expected to make it this far. In the back of my mind, I guess I always thought my bad hip would sabotage the training or I’d have an injury secondary to the hip and have to bow out. But I only have FIVE weeks left of training. And I’m still here! I think this marathon is actually going to happen. I’d commence freaking out if I wasn’t so darn tired from all that cumulative fatigue.

The last two weeks were pretty solid training-wise. Tough, but doable.

Week 11: 54.5 miles total

Monday- 6 miles easy.

Tuesday- 10.5 miles (8:03 avg). Warm up 1.5 miles, then goal of 4 x 1.5 m @ 7:50, 800m recovery, cool down 1.5 miles. GPS was a little off as I did this on the track, so not sure what pace the first two 1.5m repeats were. I just know they were faster than 7:50. The third repeat was at 7:40, and the last came in at 7:45 average. A little knee pain (that was a first!) on the right side, which the chiro said in past was connected to the ankle/calf/ IT band stuff he identified last week. Went away after several miles into the run. Avg HR 155, avg cadence 181

Wednesday – Off

Thursday- 6 miles easy.

Friday- 12 miles with 9 @GMP (8:10 avg). Two mile WU, 9 mile @ 7:53, 1m CD. Avg HR 163, avg cadence 184. This was difficult as always, but still seeing the progress. I stopped once after 5 miles, and then ran the final 4 miles fairly strong. Improvement over any other GMP run I’ve completed so far. Still, only 9 miles at GMP and it still feels harder than it should if I’m going to maintain this pace for 26 miles.

Saturday- 7 miles easy.

Sunday – 13 miles long. Ran with my friend Dana, and this was a hard one for both of us. We probably should’ve gone out slower (averaged 8:35 on way out, 9:00s on way back!). A little tired and took longer to recover. But all in all, a nice long run.

Week 12: 60.5 miles total

Monday – 8 miles easy.

Tuesday- 10 miles (8:03 avg). 1.75 mile warm up, then 3 x 2 miles at 7:50 target with 800m recovery. Splits: 7:31, 7:44, 7:42, 7:41, 7:35: 7:39., 1 mile cool down. Avg HR 148, , avg cadence 183. This was a good confidence builder.

Wednesday- 7 miles easy.

Thursday- Off. Did a long day trip with my daughter to Kenai Fjords National Park. It started out with rain and clouds, but turned into a gorgeous day for one of my favorite Alaskan excursions. Got very little sleep the night prior, and then again Thursday night as we met up with my husband and son to help clean and package the loads of fish they’d caught and drive back home. But it was worth the sleep deprivation!

Seward Marina
Seward Marina
No Name Island, Kenai Fjords National Park
No Name Island, Kenai Fjords National Park

Friday- 11.5 miles (8:09 avg). Averaged 7:53 for the 9 miles of GMP. Felt decent for most of it until last few miles when muscles started to feel sore.

Saturday- 8 miles easy. Fatigue had really set in between the lack of sleep and increase in mileage. My daughter came with me on her bike to help cheer me along, and that did help!

Sunday-16 miles long (8:54 avg, 850 ft elevation gain). This was an eventful long run! About 3.5 miles in, my friend and I came across two bull moose in the path, staring us down. We walked backwards and then turned around and started running the direction we came. One of the moose started following us and tailed us (albeit slowly) for nearly a mile! Since the nice easy flat route was being hogged by grumpy moose, we had to go the hilly route for the remainder of the run. Talk about cumulative fatigue! This was the end of a 60+ mile week, and I sure felt it. Legs were sore from about mile 10 on, and the hills were brutal. But we got it done!

Recovering corporate hamster-wheeler turned Alaskan hausfrau, mother of two and running enthusiast. Kind of a June Cleaver in tempo shorts...minus the makeup and vacuum. Will run to great lengths to get a moment of peace.

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  1. Great stuff! I’m about three weeks behind you on the same plan with a similar target pace and feeling that fatigue for sure!