Basil’s Training Log – 8.31.14

This week I was cleared to run a whopping 7 miles for my long run and to add some “speed” (marathon pace) to ONE mile of ONE my 5 milers. Still, it’s progress. I seem to have adjusted well to the orthotics and my hip isn’t bothering me much at all during runs anymore. I still have some soreness when I’m not running (particularly several hours after a run), but feel optimistic that things are trending upward.

The good news is, I finally buckled down and started cross training. Now that I have Michelle in my corner to coach me, I have both the accountability and the extra hand holding I need to figure out a strength/ weight lifting routine as well as how to best incorporate the dreaded elliptical. This week, she met me at the gym and showed me the strength circuit she wants me to do. It was laughable how little weight I started out with on most of the exercises, but we all start somewhere.

Monday – 4 miles easy with Michelle, then a run through of the strength routine. Stretch and PT exercises.

Tuesday – 5 miles easy with one mile at an 8:00ish clip. Stretched, MYRTL and PT exercises plus some core work.

Wednesday – 5 miles easy and then 30+ minutes of strength routine. MRYTL and PT exercises.

Thursday- 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 2 miles of easy running, then PT and MYRTL.

Friday – “long” run day of 7 whole miles! Had a sore throat and felt a cold coming on, so less than full strength, but once I got out there, the run still felt great. Hip hurt the night before, but not at all on the run. Started around 8:30 pace, averaged in the 8:teens for the next few, and then last 2 were 8:09 and 7:40.

Saturday- off. Hiked with the kids, about 4.5 miles. Gorgeous hike as usual. My daughter and I decided to goof off and take pictures of us jumping for joy.

Channeling my inner Sally OMalley. "I'm FORTY, FORTY years old, and I can KICK (or jump)!"
Channeling my inner Sally OMalley. “I’m FORTY, FORTY years old, and I can KICK (or jump)!”

Sunday – 4 miles easy (8:20 avg), followed by PT exercises and an afternoon in the sun with my family.

Total – 27 miles, an hour of strength, and 30 minutes of elliptical

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