Basil’s Training Log – 6.12.16 – The Hanson’s Honeymoon

You won't find this running route on Strava!
You won’t find this running route on Strava!

Week 3 of the Hanson’s method is in the books! I’m still in the honeymoon stage of marathon training, when every workout feels new and exciting, and both my outlook and legs are still fresh.

It’s a time when the Hanson’s Method gazes into my eyes and says, “You complete me.” And that I will do. But probably not before I lose sleep arguing (agreeing to disagree?) with my beloved plan about how long the tempo runs must be. There will soon come a day when I trade excitement for boredom, when miles will be tortured and tedious rather than invigorating and enjoyable.

But the good news? Today isn’t that day. Today I’m still infatuated with the idea of training for and running a marathon. And for better or worse, in sickness and health, I’m determined to stick with it until the finish line.

Getting the training in is definitely going to be challenging during the summer. Even with lower mileage this week, I struggled to get the miles in while also squeezing in some last minute Alaskan adventures.

The challenge isn’t to set the alarm to wake up early as much as it is to not overdo it with the extra activities. Our family’s schedule opened up unexpectedly this weekend, so we packed up and made a last minute trip to Wrangell St. Elias National Park. I had to switch some runs up to make it work, and cut out an easy run in favor of some extra hiking.

Monday – 8 miles, track day! Woke up to pouring rain and winds, which was a bit daunting. Put a check in the “Build Toughness” column. Plan was 8x600m at 2:40 (7:09 pace), with 400m recovery. Warmed up 2 miles (including drills), then went for it:ย  2:34, 2:38, 2:41, 2:42, 2:41, 2:43, 2:38, 2:40. As you can tell from the paces, I struggled a bit. Rather than beating myself up about the targets I missed, I chose to believe that every ounce of effort and every second of hard work contributes to making me stronger.

Tuesday – 6 miles, easy. Ran with my good friend Jen. Nothing better than easy miles with a friend!

Wednesday – off

Thursday – 9 miles with 5 at GMP (target 8:00, actual 7:53 but with a couple of breaks).ย Warmed up 1.7 miles, veeeeerrrry slow, didn’t feel ready to attempt the tempo. First 3 miles were slightly downhill and I knew I’d have an advantage, so tried to run slightly faster: 7:52, 7:49, 7:48. Took a break at mile 3 and walked for about 30 seconds. Mile 4: 8:01, Took another short break, Mile 5: 7:55. Felt like I had nothing left when I reached end of mile 5, so decided to cool down for remainder of run. (It was originally supposed to be 6 miles at tempo).
This was harder than any of the track workouts I’ve done. Hours later my body felt like it was struggling to recover. I am probably stretching too far right now to train at an 8:00 GMP, but since this was the first tempo I’ve done in more than a year, I think it’s a good start. I’m hoping to use this training cycle to build up to a point where maintaining an 8:00 pace is very doable. I think the fitness gains should come fairly quickly given my training history. Here’s hoping!

Friday – 10 miles, 8:56 pace. I switched my long run to Friday and ran really early so I could leave on our mini-trip to Wrangell. Felt strong (pace felt easy) until last couple miles when legs started to get tired, and the lack of food / hydration caught up to me. My HR was all over the place (which seems to be the case when I run on coffee alone early mornings), but didn’t seem reflective of effort at all. Not a bad effort considering the day before I had attempted my first tempo in over a year!

Saturday – 6 miles, easy, then 9 miles of hiking. Ran dirt road/ trail in Wrangell St Elias National Park. It was downhill gradual the way out, uphill the way back. I slowed down as I had to really concentrate on footing–lots of rocks to avoid! Absolutely gorgeous morning of running, tired legs notwithstanding. After the run, met up with the family to hike to Root Glacier and back. Came back for lunch and then went back out to hike the Jumbo Mine trail. By the end of the day, my watch had tracked 17 miles of running / hiking and 2500 ft of elevation gain! Pictured below are just a few of the amazing sights from our trip.

IMG_7205 IMG_7085 IMG_0520

Sunday – Off, 2 miles hiking. Skipped the scheduled easy run after such a long day of hiking previous day. Seemed like I should give my legs a bit of a break. Went on a short hike with the family before we headed home.

Total – 39 miles running, 11 miles hiking.


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