Basil’s Training Log – 3.24.15

Boston simulation run., otherwise known as the Best. Treadmill. Run. Ever.
Boston simulation run., otherwise known as the Best. Treadmill. Run. Ever.

Brace yourselves, dear readers. Because I’m about to use the words “fun” and “treadmill” in the same sentence.  I met up with my friend/coach (“froach”?) Michelle this morning to run at the clubhouse for employees of the local running store, and I had the best, most fun treadmill run ever! The treadmills there are tricked out and amazing (so very forgiving for the joints!) and have a fabulous view of the water and mountains. But that’s not the best part. I was able to run a pre-programmed simulation of the last 10k of the Boston Marathon, including all the incline/decline with the detailed street view on the screen. SO fun.  Somewhere in the last mile, the screen changed to a brick wall for about 3 seconds, and it made me laugh out loud. So this must be “The Wall” everyone talks about?

The treadmill program essentially starts with Heartbreak Hill, which for the record, isn’t remotely heartbreaking when you are on mile zero of your run and not mile 20. I might have called it “easy” a time or two, which I’m sure I will pay for in about four weeks when I am shuffling my way up the darn thing. The remainder of the course is almost entirely downhill or flat, and again, felt like a piece of cake since my quads hadn’t yet been appropriately trashed by 20 previous miles.

The downhill definitely takes a greater toll on my bum hip, and I know this could be a factor in how the actual race goes. But overall, after enduring a pretty discouraging and uncomfortable week of workouts, I am feeling very positive about Boston and know that my training is going to be ENOUGH. (There’s that word again).

Because I couldn’t wait to ramble on and on about how much I loved the aforementioned treadmill run,  I’m combining last week with the first few days of this week into one giant training log.  Bonus points if you make it to the end without falling asleep. Here’s the scoop, starting with a little over a week ago:

Monday – 7 miles (8:43 avg) – Ran outside with my friend Jen. Hip was bothering me for much of the run, but felt better as the run went on. Still the same pain (toward the inside). Had ART later that afternoon and it helped a little at the time but was worse again by evening.

Tuesday- 9 miles (8:06 avg) – 2 mile warm-up , 12 minutes @ 7:45 pace, 12 minutes @ 7:35 pace, 12 minutes @ 7:30 pace (3 minute recovery jog in between). Had a PT appt first and then went to the gym for the treadmill. Given the issues with the hip I didn’t want to attempt this outside (in case I had to stop or adjust mileage). I woke up feeling a little off, like I was coming down with a cold and also had the hip really bugging me. PT appointment confirmed a couple of things (still looking very much like a labral tear and my big toe issue is arthritis in the joint, not extensor tendonitis). For the run itself, I did struggle, mostly because my hip bothered me. I didn’t really feel tired or out of breath until the last 12 minute set. Definitely not one of my strongest tempo runs, but I also recognize that my body is pretty worn down between the training and the hip injury.

Wednesday / Thursday – Got hit hard with a cold/ virus, and the hip was hurting quite a bit just walking around. Nothing better I could do than rest and hope to recover for a long run.

Friday- 18 miles (8:50 avg) – The rest and ART helped enough that my hip felt better/ok when I woke up for this run. I did take some meds as it still didn’t feel great. I was originally hoping to get 21 miles in, but decided 18 was the most I should do given I was feeling sick and the hip had been in bad shape earlier in the week. The first 3-4 miles were more uncomfortable, but as seems to be the pattern, I felt better around mile 5-6. Because of the virus I’ve got, I felt more run down and less energetic than normal, and just told myself to let go of any expectations or judgments about pace and mileage and just get some time in on my feet. Ran a few hills in this one too–elevation gain/loss was about 600 ft.

Saturday- off

Sunday- 7 miles (8:30 avg) – Ran late in the afternoon, and it was gorgeous! Long sleeve tee and capris and I was warm. I still felt very worn down by this head cold (head hurt all through the run), and the first few miles the hip was twangy. But hip felt better as the run went on.

Total for Week of March 22 – 41 miles

Monday- 60 minutes aqua jogging. Hit the pool for some deep water running in lieu of easy miles. This was a great decision, and my hip felt better that afternoon than it had in weeks. It was also a nice and easy workout, getting the muscles moving without the impact.

Tuesday- 6 miles (7:53 avg) – Treadmill run of the last 10k of the Boston Marathon course. Had a blast!

Total – Hoping to do another pool run and get to 34 miles (one more 20 miler!) this week and then it’s taper time!

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