Basil’s Training Log – 11.9.14

Little by little, I’m coming back! And when I say little, I mean LEEEEETTLE. But since I wrote all that crap I wrote about being grateful for what you CAN do, and eliminating scarcity thinking, I probably should take my own advice and just be glad that I no longer have to hang out in the pool for hours on end with the elderly. (No offense to Bill, the kindly gentleman with 11 cats, or to Joyce, who loves to strike up conversation when I’m huffing / puffing my way through a crazy hard interval, but I will NOT miss deep water running!)

Here’s what the running gods (and my physical therapist) allowed me to do this week:

Monday- 30 minutes / 8 miles on the bike

Tuesday- 30 minutes of weight training, then 55 minutes deep water running (warm up for 10 minutes, 8x 4 minutes at p.e. of 7.5, 1 minute at p.e. of 5, cool down 5 minutes).

Wednesday- 33 minutes/ 3.2 miles. Five minute walk to warm up, then 4×5 min jogs with 2 minutes walking in between. Foot felt great! Twinges on the OTHER side and toes on my other foot fell asleep, so that was weird. But otherwise, felt like a nice solid “run”.

Thursday-35 minutes elliptical, then 50 minutes of Pilates. My friend met me at the gym and kept me company on the elliptical next to me. Kept resistance fairly low and turnover 160-180. 35 minutes went a lot faster with a friend to talk to!

Friday- 32 minutes/ 3.2 miles. Walked 5 min, ran 5, walked 2, ran 5, walked 2, ran 5, walked 1. Felt fabulous! No discomfort in foot at all and I wanted so badly to just bust out a 5 mile run. But I was good and restrained myself. Then 30 minutes of strength training.

Saturday- off

Sunday- 42 minutes/ 4.3 miles. Walk 3 minutes, then 6×5 min jogs (8:49-8:57) with 2 min walk in between. Felt good overall. Some twinges in my middle toes on the injured foot, but I checked on it during the walk breaks and it felt fine. I think it’s residual and tendon pain only, and it’s nothing sharp or that I’d even notice otherwise.

Total – 10.7 miles + almost 4 hours of cross training (bike, elliptical, pilates, & weights).

One thing I will say–even though my “runs” are still super slow and easy, they do feel great and when I’ve checked it, my heart rate is barely up at all. I think my heart is stronger than my legs are at this point, so I’ve got my load-bearing work cut out for me to catch them up!

Recovering corporate hamster-wheeler turned Alaskan hausfrau, mother of two and running enthusiast. Kind of a June Cleaver in tempo shorts...minus the makeup and vacuum. Will run to great lengths to get a moment of peace.

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