Basil’s Belated Training Log(s) – The Jogging Dead Episodes

Wow. So if only tempo runs went as fast as the last two weeks have gone! I was on track for a decent week of training the first week of March until a head cold / virus came along and knocked me out just in time for spring break and a family vacation. I kept running through most of it (lasted a solid 10 days), if you can call it running. More like slogging with frequent snot breaks. Gross. Anyway, here’s the breakout for the past couple weeks:

March 3rd-9th (40 miles)

Monday, Easy 7 – Met up with a friend. We had great conditions–in the teens, but super sunny and beautiful, and weย  clear non-icy path most of the way! I was grateful I’d brought my extra pair of non-studded shoes so I could throw those on. I didn’t anticipate being able to run without spikes, so that was a nice surprise. And as always, having good company makes the run so enjoyable.

Tuesday, Outdoor Tempo! (12.5 miles) – First outdoor tempo in many, many months. When the wind started gusting and the slight uphill grade started to discourage me, I just reminded myself how much better this was than the treadmill. This was tough, not my favorite, but as with any good tempo, I feel stronger when they’re done and the misery is over. Two miles easy, 3 miles at tempo (7:31, 7:29, 7:23), 1/4 mile jog, 2 miles at tempo ( 7:39, 7:22), remaining miles at an easy crawl. For those last two tempo miles, those were an out-an-back for the same mile. The first was uphill against wind, second downhill without wind. I had to work harder for that first, slower split than for the second! Once the tempo miles were done, I pretty much slogged home. I was soooo tired.

Wednesday – off – Starting to feel sick, cranky calf muscle

Thursday, 8 miles easy (8:43 avg) – Rest did me some good and this run felt good and uneventful.

Friday, 10 miles, treadmill. Was supposed to be 16 miles outside in 7 degrees and fresh snow. But I was really starting to feel sick (sore throat, cough, tired as heck), so opted for a treadmill run and cut it short. I barely made it 10. Felt blah and tired the whole time.

Saturday – 2.5 miles. Aiming for 5, managed 2. Barely worth putting running shorts on for…probably should’ve stayed in PJs. Hacking up a lung and super low energy.

Sunday – off, traveling. Unless you count the “tempo” I did in my Toms, with my backpack and purse for about a half mile through the airport in an attempt to get the family rerouted after our connecting flight was delayed for a mere five hours. My speedwork paid off because we were able to catch a much earlier flight and avoid 7 extra hours of travel!

March 10-16 – 34 miles

Monday – Off. Our luggage didn’t make the connection, so we spent most of the first morning of vacation trying to figure out where it was and when we’d have something other than the stinky (too warm!) clothes on our backs. It was for the best because I still wasn’t up for a run. Soooo sick.

Tuesday – 5 slow, snotty miles. For all the miles I logged on vacation, I set the alarm for 5:30 am and got out there before the sun rose and the fun started with the kiddos. Even with being sick, it was still worth it to get up early and get out there.

Wednesday – easy 8. Starting feeling slightly better. Still ridiculously snot-ridden.

Thursday – off

Friday – easy 6. Still on vacation. Still struggling through every run.

Saturday – easy 7.5. A bit better.

Sunday – easy 7.5. Finally feeling closer to normal strength, but right above the inside of my left ankle (where I’ve had PTT issues) and calf were cranky from all the cement surfaces I’d resorted to running on during our vacation. It was beautiful and warm, but I was actually looking forward to going back to running on packed snow and/or asphalt! (I know this makes me inexcusably insane.)

We arrived back home after a ridiculous amount of travel (a certain frugal redhead who shall remain nameless was too cheap to pay for direct flights). I was so happy to be back home and to no longer need tissues every 30 seconds! And I had high hopes for getting back on the training wagon in this third week of March. More on that to come!

Recovering corporate hamster-wheeler turned Alaskan hausfrau, mother of two and running enthusiast. Kind of a June Cleaver in tempo shorts...minus the makeup and vacuum. Will run to great lengths to get a moment of peace.

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