Barley’s Training Log 2/26/18-3/4/18

This week was definitely about going with the flow/adjusting as warranted. With that though, I was still able to squeak in one more mile than the previous two weeks, with 3 workouts and a long run. A bit more quality in one week than I would typically do but I also had an unplanned rest day and felt confident in my recovery to get things in. My body has really benefited from the consistent mileage lately and the effort I put into a really good base before ramping up.

Tuesday was originally going to be interval workout but Brian offered to meet me at a local park where there are backroads closed to cars but reallly good hills. He walked Hannah and Pepper and I did a 20 x 1 min on/off fartlek on the rolling hills. I enjoy these workouts because it’s good practice on uphill AND downhill running and some of the intervals were a little of both which is more realistic depending on race courses.

My next workout was supposed to be Friday but with the impending Nor’Easter I knew there was a good chance I’d have snow day and be home with little miss on Friday so opted to do my workout Thursday night. It was the first workout I’ve done on the treadmill in a while since we had some nicer weather but was good to get back to some heat training in the gym (silver linings?).

Post- Nor’Easter window gazing

In the end it worked out well do to workout a day early as I was in fact home with Hannah on Friday with snow day and ended up with rather nutty afternoon. My afternoon involved our on call pediatrician, blood work and X-rays for little miss. She’s okay, just dealing with what the ped now assumes is gastritis or potential ulcer. She’s on reflux meds, and switched to soy milk for the next 2 months until her 1 year checkup. Physically and emotionally I was spent Friday when we got home and decided to not run at all.

Sunday I was planning on recovery miles during a busy day, but opted to throw in a mini-workout on post-long run legs. I like doing this from time to time as it has been really beneficial for digging deep in later stages of race on tired legs. I threw in a 15 x 45 second fartlek workout, 60 seconds recovery. I enjoy these, much like the Tuesday on/off workout because it’s best to just run by effort and not stress about paces. I expected to be a bit slower Sunday but surprisingly my ‘tired’ legs made some good speed happen and most of my intervals were around 5:30-45 pace.

Monday:ย  Easy 6.1 (8:05 avg) + 6 x strides (5:17 avg)
Tuesday: 8 Mile Hill/Fartlek workout (7:25 avg)- 20 x 1 min on/off on rolling hills
Wednesday: 6.6 Mile Recovery Run (8:34 avg)
Thursday: 10 Mile Treadmill Fartlek (6:59 avg) w/ 2 x 5 Minutes T, 3 x 3 minutes 10k, 4 x 2 minutes 5k, 5 x 1 minute hard
Friday: Unplanned rest day- Sick baby ๐Ÿ™
Saturday: 16 Mile Treadmill Long run (7:57 avg)
Sunday: 6.9 Miles (7:15 avg) w/ 15 x 45 seconds (5:30-6:00 avg)
Week Total Miles: 54 Miles
Beers Drank: None?
Baby Milestones: Mastering standing up/pulling herself up, officially 10 months, attempting to break out of crib (cue lowering it all the way now)

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